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In 1999 I was living a pretty comfortable life in Washington Dc, well-established in my career and with a wide network of friends and acquaintances. Nevertheless, despite being a fairly risk-averse person, I decided that I wanted to push my own boundaries a bit. And so, I talked the cEO of my company into sending me to Silicon Valley to work more closely with our clients there.

Moving across country to a place where I knew almost no one and had little familiarity with the local business culture was pretty scary. And while I navigated through my new world, I was simultaneously excited by the opportunity and frustrated by how different everything was.

Over time I settled in, but it took a few fits and starts. It involved moving a few times, exploring a variety of ways of meeting new people, trying several different gyms, and completely re-writing my original business plan. By the time things went belly up in the dot-com bust, I found myself broke, overweight, depressed and at wit’s end as to what to do next.

The one thing I knew then was that I had to focus on the things I COULD control and the things I couldn’t. Losing fifty pounds wasn’t a snap, but it was something that I had the power and resources to do. Picking up the pieces was hard, but doable. A tough lesson, but one which has given my life depth and nuance.

So what did I learn? Sometimes you just have a to take a risk and try something, even if it might fail, or turn out completely differently than you had expected. In 1999 I would never have imagined that I’d wind up living in San Francisco with my new partner and my dog in a beautiful condo in a nice neighborhood, starting a brand new career.

Over a year ago, JuJu was kind enough to open up her blog to Jane and me so that we could flex our creative muscles as a team and share a variety of perspectives on weight loss and maintenances. I’ve had so much fun and learned from them and from so many of the readers, that a few weeks ago I began exploring the idea of creating my own blog. Its been an adventure to see if I could teach myself a few things about the design and programming of it, as well as to think through the form and content.

Its called Jack Sprat’s Journey. A work in progress, but something I’m having a lot of fun with, one small step at a time.

Thanks JuJu and Jane! I can’t say where I’ll end up with this, but I’m looking forward to the challenge, and I continue to rely on your wisdom, patience, humor and inspiration.

Come visit!

3 thoughts on “Leaps and Little Steps

  1. Debbi says:

    Thanks for the link to your blog, Jonathan. Your posts here at Skinny Daily have been so insightful and inspirational, and I’m glad to add your own personal blog to my list of daily reads.

    Blogging has been a crucial element in my success at losing weight this year. I began both a new eating/exercise plan and a new blog the first of the year. It’s another level of accountability, and it’s fun!

    Stop by if you like:

  2. h says:

    Everything Debbi said! SDP helps keep me on track by making me think about maintenance every day. I also find blogging to be an important aspect of this ongoing journey. Here’s mine:

  3. tony says:

    Jonathan, will you still be writing for SDP every now and again, or will all of your insights be on your blog? I’ve enjoyed reading your items and certinly learned from them.

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