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The Alzheimer’s mom [AM] and I joined my sister’s family for a holiday dinner at a “family” restaurant. The prices were more than reasonable, and it took my brother-in-law’s comment to wake me up to the connection. He said: “I like this place. The portions are the right size.”

So, I checked out everyone’s plates, and realized that he was right! Each serving of veggies or mashed potatoes, or mac and cheese, or whatever, was ONE-HALF CUP! The protein portions were the size of a DECK OF CARDS! And the menu was designed so that a person could satisfy a major hunger with as many side dishes as he or she wanted!

True confession time. When the plates were put in front of us, I immediately thought that there just wasn’t much food on the plate. And trust me, that was a STRANGE thought, because even with these truly normal portions, the WLS prevented me from eating most of it, and I packed the rest of it up for another time.

A scary moment, as it suggests that my eyes are getting bigger than my stomach – literally – and that’s dangerous. I’m starting to eat with my eyes rather than with my appetite, and it has to stop.

However, that’s not really the point of this post. The real point is that it IS possible to have reasonable prices, reasonable food, and reasonable portions. There probably IS a direct relationship between the cost of the meal and the portion size.

If only other restaurants would learn a lesson from this restaurant!!

On a personal note, I’m thrilled to have taken the extra home, but even happier that it’s enough for only ONE more meal, instead of the 2-3 MORE meals that I normally get. Boredom isn’t good, ya know!

2 thoughts on “Restaurant portions

  1. Mercury says:

    Hi, Jane. One thing to consider – plate size makes a big difference in how we perceive portions. If this restaurant served normal portions on oversized plates, they may have looked small in comparison, so it’s not necessarily your eyes. After all, you didn’t eat everything on your plate!

    I’ve purchased some beautiful dishes that are meant to serve olive oil, but I use them for desserts & nuts. A scoop of ice cream or an ounce of nuts looks positively resplendant on a three-inch dish.

  2. Nikhila says:

    I’ve grown accostomed to asking to sub the more of the veggie sides for the starchy carb side and I love it. Many of the restaurants in San Francisco are great at giving a normal size portion of the protein part of a meal but always overdo it on the carb (potato, rice, polenta) part. I can have a nice 6 oz piece of fish or chicken and then a SLEW of veggies occupying most of my plate with my substitution.

    I’m not on atkins or south beach or anything like that–I just know I like bread when they put it on the table and filling up on steamed or grilled or even stir fry veggies is so satisfying. It also leaves me a little room to sneak a few fries off my boyfriend’s plate.

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