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A junk food snack attack got me last week. I’m not proud of it, not for a second. Before I succumbed, please believe me when I say that I tried all kinds of tactics to quiet the monster. Distraction, tea, exercise, holding on for an hour, none of it worked.

It was only a small bag, the smallest size available. Before I ripped it open, however, I glanced at the so-called nutrition information. 320 calories for that little bag of crunchy things???!!!! I freaked out! How could I think of eating 320 calories of junk that didn’t even have a hint of chocolate in it?

Well, the past few years of training kicked in. I couldn’t do it, just couldn’t eat the whole bag, but I could eat half of it, while driving, of course.

When I reached the halfway mark, I stowed it behind the driver’s seat, where I couldn’t easily reach it (yes, I was stopped at a traffic light). And then salvation appeared, in the form of a national coffee chain, the one that has chai tea bags and will add some steamed milk to the tea.

Yes, dear, gentle readers, I tossed the crunchies into the trash as I entered the store. And I sipped the tea on the rest of the drive home. The route was the back way, the one that led through hills and parkland, with all the trees in bloom, plus tulips and daffodils.

I rolled down the windows and felt free. So I wasn’t perfect, but a major disaster was averted. Whew!

But, why did I believe so firmly that I needed these crunchies? I had no answer to that when I was firmly entrenched in this, and there’s still no wisdom after several days of pondering.

12 thoughts on “Snack attack!

  1. Greta says:

    I think that sometimes we do those things when we are in fact hungry. With a meager “diet” breakfast and lunch and dinner with lots of raw and fresh veggies it can be so easy to be genuinely HUNGRY. Sometimes the desire for junk comes before the pain in the stomach and the shakes. Sometimes I can divert myself in a situation like this by eating something healthy instead. I don’t feel I am cheating to have a snack of fruit or even a bowl of veggie or split pea soup. However, I hope that you can just forgive yourself and move on. It’s not worth feeling guilt over something like this even if it gets more out of hand than your episode did.

  2. Priscilla says:

    Good for you, Jane! I’ve done the same thing. Had those snacks (usually those darn potato chips!) in my hand, ripped open that bag and after I take the first few bites…..I come to my senses. I realize they don’t really taste all that good. So I eat only half and toss the rest in the garbage where they belong. No guilt. I just feel so good that I was actually able to toss the junk. It’s a good feeling, yeah!

  3. Zsuzsa says:

    Holding on for an hour?? That is awesome! Anyway, congratulations. We are not perfect, but you have made progress.

  4. london slimmer says:

    I agree with Greta – I’ve found that my own cravings tend to be strongest when I’m hungry. I’ve learnt the hard way that the best way to stop them is to eat something healthy, even if it puts me above my calorie limit for the day.

    My own personal weakness is ice cream and I’ve found a good substitute for that – frozen raspberries blended with a little buttermilk and a level teaspoon of sugar to make a kind of sorbet. I keep the ingredients for that on hand all the time and it’s saved me from burying my head in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s more times than I can mention. Perhaps you could do something similar for savoury snacks: maybe some carrot and celery sticks mixed in with wholemeal grissini and one of those tasty flavoured salts to sprinkle on it? That might help.

    Well done for stopping halfway, though. I’ve never been able to do that.

  5. jane says:

    LONDON – i think you’ve just saved my life! i have about 15 quart bags of hand-picked wild raspberries and blackberries in the freezer – and i NEVER thought of blending them with a little buttermilk! way way back in the day, when i was a good WW and at goal, one of my favorite treats was a ‘milkshake’ of frozen strawberries and buttermilk [served in a balloon glass – preferably in a bubble bath!]

    and although celery sticks are not my favorite, i generally have some raw veggies – like peppers and zucchini – and i generally eat them plain. flavored salt NEVER entered my head and i even have one named THE ZIP!

    got any other tips???? i need all the help i can get!!!

  6. Cindy says:

    Dear Jane,
    I could never have survived 8 months of dieting (90 pounds down, so far) if I didn’t cheat. Really. The occasional human craving must be answered so the daily good deeds seem worth it. When I am done, I may just write a book ~ The Cheater’s Diet. So hang in there and stay human! Cindy

  7. Xena says:

    Wow – what great inspiration. I don’t usually try the traditional get-past-the-craving tips, and I should start at least trying them, even if they don’t always work. Good for you for having the power to throw the rest out and take care of yourself in other ways!

  8. london slimmer says:

    Dear Jane,

    The trick with the frozen raspberries is to use them straight from the freezer and experiment with the quantity of buttermilk and the amount of blending (you have to stop and push them down the sides of the blender a couple of times) to get the consistency you want. You can make either milkshake or sorbet (I prefer sorbet). It’s very low calorie, so you can have a pretty large bowlful for a reasonable calorie count (about 100 cals for a heaped-to-almost-spilling-over ricebowlful).

    For savoury treats, I recommend furkikake and gomasio (both sesame-based salts) which you can find if you have an Oriental shop of some kind near you. Calorie counts per 100g are fairly high for those, but the amount you add will be a tiny weight and therefore not many calories. They are good on air-popped popcorn, too. Toasted sheets of nori, cut into strips and mixed with vegetables, are good too. The other thing that is fairly good value for calories is pistachio nuts. Personally I love them and, in their shells, they are about 150 calories per 50g (weight including shells) and take ages to eat and linger over. I also recommend, if you can get them, fresh or frozen soy beans. Steam them in their pods and add soy sauce or salt. The Japanese like them ice cold in summer. They don’t have many calories and take ages to eat – which I always think is a great advantage when you’re watching your intake!

    My personal two favourite diet foods, though, might not be available in the States, though I’m not sure. They are Quark and fromage frais. They are both usually made from skimmed milk (at least over here) and yoghurt cultures – and nothing else – and are REALLY rich and creamy for very few calories (0% fromage frais is 54 cals per 100g; I think Quark is similar). Quark is much milder and less tangy than yoghurt and is really good thinned down a little with water and then mixed with herbs or spices and scooped onto baked potatoes. The Germans also traditionally eat it on the side with boiled new potatoes. I find a bowful of fromage frais with a little bit of molasses drizzled over very good for killing chocolate cravings.

    Handpicked wild raspberries and blackberries sound wonderful … I can’t wait for the fresh berries to start appearing at the farmers’ market!

  9. jonquil says:

    Hey there, Jane. I just bought a little backpack-style nylon lunchbox with a built-in “ice” pack. Fill it, refrigerate it, freeze the fake ice, and you’re good to go. $6.99, I think, and skip the fast food joint.

    BTW, there’s always hard-boiled eggs, pickles, and light string cheese. 🙂

  10. h says:

    Easiest cold-sweet snack that has saved me many times: half a frozen banana. Really. What you do is take a perfectly ripe banana, peel and cut in half, and wrap tightly in plastic wrap then put in a freezer bag. When a banana is frozen it has the consistency of ice cream and tastes much sweeter than when it is at room temperature. Immediate gratification, definitely fills the craving, and takes months to go bad.

  11. stretchy says:

    Hi Jane,

    I have been trying to walk away from those bad weeks of eating, and am still up 5 pounds. I will have a few good days and then, truly hungry, I will reach for some junk food. I cleaned out my pantry when my daughter left, but we had 2 parties since then, so there are things…in the pantry. We have a lot of people at our house all summer so…I will just have to deal with it some new way.

    Jonquil’s nylon lunchbox is the answer. BE PREPARED. I almost bought a smalish bag of crispy things yesterday, but I knew I had an apple and water in the car, and an Odwalla in my handbag.

    I was wanting those crispy things, however, so I had to say “no” to myself as if I were a small child. A gentle, “No.”

    When I got to the car and drank a bottle of cold water, I was OK. As it turned out, I didn’t want anything else.

    Sometimes just seeing a bag of crisps makes me want them, I guess.

  12. JuJu says:

    Jane? I think what you did was perfect and admirable. You win, girly girl. You win the jackpot. I am so awed. You got the Have-to-crunch-now thing out of the way and moved on, very quickly. Very quickly. Awed. I am.

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