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Every so often, some thought or other that lands on SDP rates the comment this gives me hope. That got me to thinking: what exactly DOES give us all hope?

For me, its seeing that someone anyone has maintained a weight loss of any amount for longer than 20 minutes. It shows me that maintenance is possible. And if this person has managed to do it without suffering, theres even MORE hope!

There are other things and Ill list them, otherwise itll be too boring to read:

Seeing that others have been able to increase their exercise challenge, whether its from walking around the block to walking two miles, or trying a new piece of gym equipment [bonus points for not falling off or breaking a nail on it!], or having an adventure, like whitewater rafting.

Learning the wonderful, tasty, healthful food options that others come up with makes me realize that the world of good food is not closed to any of us, no matter what program we choose

Reading that someone has learned to identify a trigger and then manages to de-fuse it change is possible

Heres a secret. I still havent had the enormous apron of skin removed. Between work and mom, and my own body balance and image issues, its had to take a back seat. But this is the year that itll happen, but near the end of the year. It has to there are too many problems with it. Ill confess to being scared, and not with the actual surgery. The fear focuses on AFTERWARDS, when I wont look FAT any longer. Ill simply be a tall, large woman with really big bones [yes, that part is really true]. How will I define myself then? How will I live?

But, from all Ive learned here, there is truly HOPE that Ill come through it just fine. The tools weve all shared, the wisdom, the strength, have given me courage and a can-do optimism (on most days, that is!).

So many of you have survived and are living well, in every sense of the word. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “What gives you hope?

  1. Allyson says:

    Jane – you will still be the coolest, nicest person I know. Oh, and bravest too…

  2. Jane says:

    allyson – you’re making me blush!

    allyson and i know each other in real life – we met at our favorite local yarn store, which is more like a knitting salon than a shop. She has organized charity knit projects for babies who need something nice, and she’s an all around warm, kind soul who knits complicated patterns with ease. and she plays rugby. what more could one want in a friend???!!!!

  3. skngpeace says:

    What give me hope?
    -The fact that, despite my multiple trip-ups along the path of a healthier lifestyle, I can still have “aha!” moments where I learn from my mistakes.
    -Anytime that I realize that one minute/hour/day involved healthier choices than the previous one.
    -When I remember that I did manage to live a healthier lifestyle before, and truly believe that I can do it again.

    Thank you for your post! It inspired me to have more hope than I did when I first got up!

  4. Deirdre says:

    . The fear focuses on AFTERWARDS, when I wont look FAT any longer. Ill simply be a tall, large woman with really big bones [yes, that part is really true]. How will I define myself then? How will I live?

    You’ll live by taking care of Mom, going to work, knitting, exercising, eating right, walking the dog. Pretty much the same way you’ve always lived but with one less hassle.

  5. Rachel says:

    I really like the Skinny Daily Post,as I’m I’m bloated with different Diet Blogs. I see the same folks on the gerbil wheel of gain, lose, gain, lose. It’s so sad. I believe there’s alot in a name. If you call yourself a Fat Chick Perpetually on a Diet, then that’s what you’re going to have 3 years from now. You’ll live up to your own expectations. I like your name, I like your concepts, and I like the success. I want to get there, and I want some steam behind me.

  6. jonquil says:

    O.K., I’ll bite. Just how tall are you, Jane? 🙂

  7. kerry says:

    I like what you said about hope and maint-
    aining a weight loss for more than 20 min-

  8. sherry says:

    When JUJU introduced you… I was ecstatic, someone in the same boat, that has had similar experiences…. and I am still ecstatic, though I did not drop as much weight as you. I still look like a “big woman” but not like my almost 400 pound girth used to look or feel.
    I struggle daily… and I know that this is just something to “remind” me to do what everyone else that has a weight issue and is trying to get better does … make better choices, so I can live a longer better life.
    I have days of disgust, disdain, forlorn and then to balance it all out… I have days of euphoric euphoria…. not abnormal… I am finding out just “normal” .
    I appreciate your straightforwardness… you have sent me out on a tea cup hunt, I now have a beautiful one, you have inspired me to want to exericise for real ( pilates begins 6/1 I already paid for it. ) and I have some really wonderful tea on the way to me from jamaica… you are making a difference… thanks.

  9. Nikhila Pai says:

    I’m trying to take hope in the new reality that maintaining and losing weight doesn’t have to be so hard. After losing 70 pounds and with 20 left to go, I discovered something awful.

    I recently met with a nutritionist and discovered I have ‘bullemic tendencies.’ I don’t vomit, but apparently I have been using exercise and low calorie eating coupled with weekend higher calorie eating to put my body in a crazy bullemic-like state. The upshot iss fatigue, crazy period, mood problems, distrubed sleep, excessive thoughts about food, and constant HUNGER. I hadn’t realized these were linked or even abnormal.

    The cure? Eat 5oo calorie, balanced meals every 4-5 hours 3 times a day for the next few months and don’t exercise for at least a month. When she told me I couldn’t exercise for a month, I cried. That’s when I considered that maybe my problems were more than physical–cause who cries when told they can’t exercise for only a MONTH?

    I’ve been on the new calorie plan sans exercise for a little less than 2 weeks and it’s been HARD. I’ve been eating more than 1500 calories a day (more like 2000) and have fought the urge to freak out and exercise. Instead, I’m trying to be kind to myself and forgiving of the pounds of ‘refeeding edema’ that are creeping on.

    It took me 2 weeks to realize–maybe losing weight and maintaining doesn’t HAVE to be so hard. I’d gotten so use to thinking I needed to starve myself to lose weight I’d actually begun to starve myself! And, I wasn’t even losing any weight–that was the tip off. It seemed I could’gain’ 3 pounds after eating 2500 calories in a day. No way that was fat, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Turns out, it was water.

    So, I’m trying to be open and encouraged by the possibility that with the nutritionist’s guidance, maybe I can lose another 10 of that last 20 this year and maybe, it won’t be so hard to keep it all off.

  10. Mya says:

    These posts give me hope! They show me that I’m not alone.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to spread hope.

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