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This is a post that I never thought I’d be writing. It’s about exercising even when you don’t want to because you never know what’s around the corner!

Tuesday night, after a long day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was exercise. Walking, hiking, biking, it didn’t matter. Nothing appealed to me and I found myself making bargains. Take Maggie for a little hike and meditate, at least.

And then, another excuse for not exercising. Maggie and I went to the bank. After you go to the bank, you can go for a bike ride.

We got home from the bank. After you feed Maggie, you can ride your bike.

I really just wanted to sit on the deck with some SF lemonade and read a book. If you ride your bike now, you will still have enough light to sit on the deck and read for a little while.

That was the last straw. I admitted that I was simply making excuses, and that even though I was tired, the bike ride would perk me up. Even if I didn’t actually become perky, I’d feel better. The lemonade was ice cold, the book was ready, there were no more excuses.

It was the right thing to do.

The next day was a long one. I didn’t leave work until nearly 8 pm, and the closer I got to home, the more appealing an evening walk became. I walked in the door, intending to just grab the dog and leave, when I realized that the caregiver hadn’t shown up, and the Alzheimer’s mom (AM) hadn’t eaten. And, of course, neither had Maggie.

So, I started moving. Made AM a burger [cut it into quarters so that she’d actually pick it up and eat it], fed the dog, fed the cats, cleaned up the dishes, etc etc etc.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. Even though I was even more tired than the night before, I needed some air. Maggie and I took a walk, and my intention was to go at least 2 miles. I’d hoped that I’d start perking up after a couple of blocks, but that didn’t happen. We walked a little less than a mile, but the fresh air was so nice and I felt somewhat better.

Planning is a good thing, but life so often interferes. We all have days when nothing goes right, and other days when we just don’t want to move. After this, I’m going to think twice about not exercising when I actually have the time. There’s no telling when the chance will come around again.

Sometimes it’s just out of our control! So, tonight, I’m going to leave a little early, and do something. Not sure what, but it’ll be nice.

9 thoughts on “Grab it when you can!

  1. jessica says:

    I find myself doing this all the time – I’ll make a long “to do” list, with “Exercise!!” right at the top. And then I spend the whole day crossing other things off the list, saying, “oh, I’ll do it when Ihave TIME.”

    And at the end of the day, I realize that all I’ve done all day long is put everybody elses needs before my own (boss, boyfriend, dog, mom, etc).

  2. london slimmer says:

    One of the things which has saved me from regaining the weight I lost several years ago is scheduling in exercise. At the beginning of the week, I block out three hours for formal exercise (cardio and strength training), at the gym, or outside in the park, if it’s fine weather. I write them in my diary and on the wall chart and they are pretty much non-negotiable. They can be changed, but not cancelled, unless I’m ill. Sometimes, if my eating habits have been a bit haphazard, I’m tired and I haven’t been taking care of myself, I don’t feel like exercising and think ‘what’s the point’, but I still do it. Those three sessions a week have really helped enormously and in the meantime my cardio fitness has improved (as I can see from a heart rate monitor) and I’ve upped all my weights a number of times – I’m getting stronger. It’s really satisfying to see progress. I also bought some expensive, fancy toilettries, which I only use at the gym, as a kind of added incentive. I do different exercises, in different orders, each time, to keep up my interest. The other thing I do, which appeals equally to my anal and obsessive nature, is to wear a pedometer. If I do nothing else at all, I make sure I walk my 10,000 steps a day (living in a very pedestrian-friendly city does make this easier). I’m convinced that exercise, as well as all its other health benefits, staves off depression and prevents overeating.

  3. Jude says:

    I have found, after many days such as you describe, that if I don’t get my exercise done in the morning before work, it just doesn’t happen. I may get in another walk with the dog in the evening, but that is just a bonus. My hour of exercise in the morning is non-negotiable.

  4. stretchy says:

    I have no trouble getting up extra early to exercise ….IF…. I have been doing so REGULARLY–I believe my body craves it, possibly, because I’ll put the DVD in, and start setting up, getting my mat, and weights set up, etc… and zing!–an adrenalin rush—I have to laugh…my body is happy!? to start the workout!?
    it is!
    I have been ‘regular’ now since 3 May! It feels great, esp after being lackadaisical about everything …it feels good to be back, and journaling again too.

  5. tony says:

    I too prefer to do my exercise in the morning. I know I have it done, I feel great when I go out the door, and even if everything else goes south that day, at least I have done something to the good. I have made a new bargain with myself, and that is to do some sort of exercise any day I go to work. That usually involves at least 4 days,and most weeks I get in some yard work. I wear a pedometer also, and on those days I don’t make my 10,000 steps I try to fit in another bike ride or a walk.

  6. Lee says:

    I was so impressed with a post on the Quest for Permanent Maintenance thread from a woman who relies on routine to free up her mind for more important thinking. To her, the scheduled exercise gets done in the same way that tooth brushing gets done, or eating meals at meal times gets done. It takes less mental effort to assume it will be accomplished, and then all the decision-making/waffling effort can be redirected to cope with other things, like writing, or making things, or the rest of life.

    To this end I exercise early, before I have awakened enough to talk myself out of it, and check it off for the day.

    because you never know what is gonna happen in a day!

  7. Rowan says:

    I have just found this blog thru my search for information on Frances Kuffel’s book “Passing for Thin”. I am now in the beginning stages of a successful exercise routine. Success for me meaning I am managing to commit to at least 4 times a week. I hope to keep going with this with an ultmate goal of adding some other activities. I totally understand the being tired and not wanting to do it feeling. In the beginning my husband and I would always exercise together, now, when he is not in the mood I do it anyway. I also agree with seeing exercise as something routine, at my age it is not a luxury, it’s a must. I don’t want to end up with diabetes and in a wheelchair like my mom…but that is another story.
    Thanks for having this blog, I’ll come here often.
    My blog:

  8. Sheryll says:

    I’ve been exercising for years now and the best solution I have come up with is to own a piece of equipment (mine is a cross-trainer,I wore a treadmill) and get on it as soon as you pop open those eyes, wash your face and brush your teeth. I have a tv in my room but lately I prefer reading something especially interesting..time flies. If it’s something on the computer, I print out enough pages to keep me going. If I get to exercise later in the day, it just a bonus!

  9. london slimmer says:

    By the way, I also recommend listening to an audiobook when you exercise. I like Agatha Cristie and other whodunnits – that way you look forward to your cardio, so that you can find out who the murderer was! Buying audiobooks is expensive, but you might be able to rent them from your local library – mine will even order the ones I request.

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