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A thousand apologies for not posting much these days. We’re being hit BADLY by spam, a minimum of 100 per day. So, unfortunately, when I log in to post something, I end up dealing with the spam.

Please be patient.

2 thoughts on “Spam, Spam, Spam

  1. stretchy says:

    I want to thank you again Jane, for recommending TAI CHI.
    I got a Scott Cole DVD (AM /PM Tai Chi) Both are so excellent.

    The PM Tai Chi is sooooo relaxing with a very short meditation at the end, I get MUCH better sleep afterwards. And Scott is not hard to look at…he takes off his shirt (nice) and goes through a simple, relaxed sequence on the beach, soothing ocean waves… it is wonderful.

    I often do not have time before my workout for the AM wake up Tai Chi, but it is easy to memorize the moves, so you can do a few mins on your own before your workout.

    I like this guy also because he tells you what the movements are doing (example: energizing your kidneys) and he tells you it is OK to have your own style and not stress out about form.

  2. Greta says:

    I wonder if anyone else shares my experience? I seem to do the best with my eating when I am running low on food, just before I go to the grocery store. That’s odd isn’t it? You’d think that being stocked with all the “right” foods would be the best ticket to success. For me, however, when I get back from the store with all those juicy fruits I tend to start overeating fruit and some of the other “treats” I buy for myself such as rice cakes. After the cherries and grapes are eaten and the ricecakes and popcorn are gone I start looking harder at the broccoli and that’s when my week starts to improve. Part of what’s going on is my reluctance to cook. It’s way easier to wash some cherries and munch on those than it is to chop and cook zucchini and mushrooms with brown rice. In addition, I LIKE fruit a lot better than anything else so that’s strong reason as well. Tomorrow I am off to the county fair. I already have my “fair foods” selected. They make great roasted corn-on-th-cob which I order with no butter. DELICIOUS! There’s another booth that makes all kinds of strawberry confections but they will sell you a plain bowl of fresh strawberries, no topping. Have a great summer day! I DO miss the daily postings here on SkinnyDaily and hope that you both get back into it shortly. Thanks for posting Jonathan’s link on the upper left of this page. I thought he has disappeared and was so happy to find that link a week or two ago.

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