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Laugh all you want. But I had to do it. I’m a BIG fan of those 100 calorie packages. It’s just the right amount, and they’re so outrageously priced that one every couple of days works out just right. Of course, it can’t be just ANY flavor – I love the wheat crackers, and they seem to fill me up.

But they’re hard to find around here. I admit that I am helpless with a full box of crackers, or a bag of chips or pretzels. Why are they stronger than I am? They’re just flavored flour, for crying out loud! When did they get so much control???!!!

But I digress. On Saturday – yesterday – I bought a small bag of chips. “Only” three servings. I ate them. So, something had to change.

And still no wheat crackers at the store today.

So, I bit the bullet. Yes, folks, I bought the box. And then immediately went to the food wrap aisle to pick up little sealing plastic bags. I didn’t want to risk being out of them.

After all the groceries were put away, I opened the package of crackers, took out a pencil and paper AND CALCULATED THE CALORIE COUNT! And determined just how many crackers I could have for 100 calories. There are now about 12 little baggies of 100 calories each, and mirabilis dictu, I didn’t taste a single one!

Aren’t you proud of me? I sure am! And quite surprised.

The entire time I was packing them up, I was saying things like: You can enjoy them later in the week. Don’t shove these in your mouth right now. and on and on.

But in the middle of this was a promise: If you can get through this, you can have a little dessert at dinner tonight, because it’s my birthday!

Hope you all had a good weekend.

24 thoughts on “I’ve surrendered! portion control has won!

  1. Laura says:

    Jane – great idea and good for you for not snacking while putting the snacks in the baggies AND a very, very happy birthday to you. You certainly richly deserve it.

  2. Cindy says:

    Yeah Jane! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too! Little baggies feel funny at first, but they really work for me. I thought at first it was because I lacked control that I had to do it. But, another way of looking at it is that by doing it, I am exercising control. I am better than I thought, and so are you! Someday, I might be able to live with a bag of chips or a box of crackers…maybe….But maybe not, either. But I am getting to be okay with that possibility (I guess I might have to be!). Some days I feel bad and wish I was normal. But what is normal, really? And, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, right?!
    Anyway, now you get more control over choices (lots more good stuff comes in big boxes than little pouches!). So thanks for the reminder… and as always, thanks for keeping up skinnydaily. It keeps me going when I need a boost!

  3. Vickie says:

    And a very happy day to you!

  4. Denise says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  5. jonquil says:

    Happy Birthday, Jane! And good for you, with the single serving sizes. (Such an odd coincidence, BTW. My 50th was yesterday, the 24th, and my youngest brother’s birthday is today.)

  6. london slimmer says:

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the continuing inspiration and encouragement which your post gives me in my weight maintenance efforts. It is much appreciated. May you continue to enjoy many years of good health.

  7. Martha says:

    Congrats on a splend idea!
    Have a Happy Birthday and enjoy whatever you decide to eat without guilt. That will be the best present you can give to yourself.

  8. Debbi says:

    Happy birthday, Jane!

    As for the baggies whatever works. If I put those bags in the pantry, I’d probably still make a lunge for them. At this point in my progress, I have to put them in the garage, which is not attached to my house. Lots of time to think before I grab one.

  9. Stacy says:

    Dividing a big package up into those little single serving snack bags is an awesome idea. Good for you!

  10. Sheryl says:

    Happy birthday!

  11. Holly says:

    WOW, great job on the portion control.
    You have come a long way, kiddo…
    Love your entries. Helps me alot.

  12. Zentient says:

    Happy Birthday,

    I do this, and found the trick to be bagging them up as soon as I get home from the grocery, while I’m putting things away. If the box sits around for even one day, I tend to go back to same old behavior. You all know how those rationalizations work.

    Another interesting thing I’ve noted is the money saved, as well as eating normal portions. A box of cheese crackers that is eaten in 10 meals instead of 1…not hard to do the math.

    The bagging of the food has also been good practice for me in learning to handle food and not eat it!


  13. Allyson says:

    Happy Birthday Jane! I hope you had a great day!

  14. Kathy says:

    Dear Jane:

    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great one.
    Thank you very much for the great idea about making snack packets

  15. QuinnLaBelle says:

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JANE!!!! And may you have many, many more such!

    yeah, those little baggies are a godsend, they really are. As are all the other fridge and freezer storage containers. I’ve been routinely breaking up big pots of stew, large pans of lasagna, etc into those containers. Makes portion control sooooo much easier.

  16. Rebecca M says:

    Happy birthday Jane! i read here all the time because you had WLS and lost all the weight and i’m now starting to realize that i can’t do it on my own either. so i read everything you write to get ideas about what it’s going to be like living with WLS. Anyways i’m SO SO SO happy to hear that you can still eat snack crackers and desserts and pretzels and chips because i love those things too and can’t give them up. the doctor i talked to said that i won’t be able to eat what he called empty carbs after surgery … just protein and fruits and vegestables and water. i think he was just trying to scare me or something. i feel so much beeter about getting surgery if i can still eat my favoriete foods, in baggies.

    thank you, Jane, and keep writing about life after surgery. not many people tell it like it is.

  17. Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday! And that’s such a great idea, I bet you saved a lot of money by wrapping them up yourself.

  18. Rebecca M says:

    i wonder why my other comment didn’t show up?

    happy birthday jane! I love reading your site because i’m thnking about weight loss surgery too and its so helpful to find out about life after surgery. great idea on putting snackies into bags!

  19. stretchy says:

    Dear Jane,

    Happy Birthday, and many more!

  20. sue says:

    Hey Debbie, I love that garage idea!

  21. juju says:

    Happy birthday, wonderful, inspiring, you!

    You rock.

  22. NewJane says:

    One way my husband has shown his love and understanding has been to divide big bags and boxes of items like crackers and chips into baggies for me. I find it really does stop me knowing if I open a second bag I will have to record another 100 calories. Would you believe I actually had to throw several baggies of my favorite junk food away, because they got stale? He also routinely puts away the leftovers, so I won’t have to fight temptation after dinner. For those who are blessed to have family who want to help, as opposed to those who sabotage us, this is something to consider asking for assistance with. Yes, I have enjoyed the feeling of self-control when I have divided it up myself successfully. But other attempts ended up with several handfuls stuffed into my mouth instead of a baggie. So I appreciate my husband’s help.

  23. Missy says:

    Good for you Jane! Happy belated Bday! I am heading to the pantry RIGHTNOW!!!!! What a great idea. I never even thought of doing that little baggie thing by myself. I sometimes buy the 100 cal snacks, but I too, think they are a bit overpriced. I will try this idea see how it works out for me. I am a 100 pound loser and have just recommitted myself to lose 30 more, so I need those little tips again. Thanks for putting together some great articles, very inspirational stuff here. I just have to remember to take the time to look at it! Thanks again.

  24. mel says:

    i love my foodsaver for this very reason 🙂

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