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Here I sit, eating a strange, but good, concoction. Its a pile of roasted veggies topped with some lean ham and a wee bit of swiss cheese. Not at all fancy, and frankly, it would be good over some pasta or brown rice, but Im just too tired to even microwave rice!

But I started thinking about weekend food. These days, its not much different for me than weekday food. Perhaps a bit less regimented, as the lunch bag is never packed, but pretty much the same.

Back in the good old days, it was different. My Dad, a first generation Italian from NYC, lived for weekend food. It had to be high quality, almost party food. Great steaks, lovingly prepared sauces, toppings, veggies, salads were important. It was preferably shared with friends, and included a good bottle or two of wine. Sunday dinner was good, but the real event was Saturday night.

And such ceremony and planning! Across the street was a family whose dad also loved to cook. The two men spent many a Saturday afternoon going back and forth, offering samples and suggestions to each other. Mr. Bs clam chowder for Dads steak sauce, a heady concoction based on a reduction of a dry red wine.

I was the dessert queen. Lets not talk about it right now, or well descend very quickly into food porn.

Looking back on it, this was all an expression of love and community. I learned a lot how to make a fish stock and fabulous bouillabaisse, how to balance sweet and sour in a salad dressing, incorporating a variety of tastes and textures so that the meal is interesting. And keeping the connections among family and friends.

Too bad the food=love connection was so strong. If a person didn’t eat for any reason, they either weren’t a good friend, or they didn’t like it. If the first, they were never invited again. If the second, an entire second meal often appeared.

I miss those days in many respects, even though there was way too much emphasis on the food. The love, caring, togetherness were the important parts. One of these days, Ill resurrect these traditions, just with more sensible menus.

5 thoughts on “Weekend food

  1. Cindy says:

    This post is so “on the money!” Too often, get togethers with family or friends are so centered on the food offered. Not only do the food choices make questionable sense, but the time and energy spent preparing them means you often have less time to actually spend together! And with some people, once the eating is done, what else do you have in common? I find this particularly true with my family… Holiday times are soo stressful because we really do not DO anything between meals. I have a friend who often goes walking with me. We see things and talk about everything under the sun. Now, that is quality time. So how come that doesn’t feel like a party?!

  2. tony says:

    Speaking of Italian families – I remember staying a weekend with my Italian art teacher. She wanted me to meet her Uncle Tony, so we and her husband went to Uncle Tony’s house. We met and sat in the living room. After a few minutes Uncle Tony’s wife excused herself and a short while later returned and said there was food in the kitchen. Holy cow, what a spread! And yes, we were expected to eat, and lots. I was a slim 17 year old, so I could and did, but thinking about that now I’d certainly have to pick and choose. I’m sure that if I’d politely declined, they would have wondered wht was wrong with me.

  3. jonquil says:

    In my “hyphenated American” culture, men were seated first, and encouraged to eat all they wanted. The women waited on the men. Children ate in the kitchen, neither seen nor heard. When the women finally ate, they were supposed to pick at the meal, and leave something on the plate, to show how ladylike they were! There was a lot of secret eating, of course, and picking while cooking. But no man ever set foot in a kitchen– that was not his place. I’m really glad some of these customs are dying out– like hats and gloves and starched collars, they seem charming in old movies, but they don’t make sense. They never did.

  4. Mercury says:

    This has nothing to do with nothing, but I’m so excited I had to share: I’ve been kind of trying to lose weight for the past few months. I keep a food journal for a few days a week, then “get interrupted”, I’ve been exercising a bit more, but not hitting my goals, etc.

    Anyway, a few people told me I looked like I’d lost weight, but I didn’t feel like I had. My clothes are so baggy now, it’s hard to tell. This weekend, I had nothing to wear, and I took a look at a pair of pants that I bought last year online. When I got the pants in the mail, they were waaaaaay too tight – there was a relief map of my underwear in the back. I had meant to return them, but never got around to it. For some reason that day, I thought, heck, people say I look skinnier, why not try them on again?

    AND THEY FIT!!!!! I think I’ve lost about 20 lbs, without even focusing on it tremendously. I’m so motivated and excited now. I’m pretty much telling everyone I know, so here I am! Thanks, SkinnyDaily, for your inspirational posts and advice.

  5. GG says:

    I come from a culture where its considered rude if the host does not keep on egging the guests to eat. It is assumed that guests feel awkward to help themselves to seconds.

    OMG – it puts me in an embarrassing situation at times when I want to say enough. I keep trying to convince them that I am an adult now and can help myself!

    Great post! Glad to see this happens in many cultures.. 🙂

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