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Look – no one has an easy schedule. No one is sitting around eating chocolates, not even sugar free ones!

That’s why we need to be organized, organized, organized. It’s hard work. And after last weekend, when I was in tears by 8 am Sunday because I knew that I’d never get through everything that had to be done, I’m proud to announce that I’ll get a good chunk of tomorrow to myself!!!

The lawn is mowed – the back on Wednesday, and the rest on Friday. There’s one more load of laundry to do. Brownies for mom to take to church tomorrow are in the oven, and so is a huge pan of veggies roasting away!

And this pan is a work of art. Today’s visit to the little farmer’s market was very productive – green and wax beans, three kinds of summer squash, three kinds of peppers, fruit, and locally made cheese. I’m sure there was other stuff as well.

On one side of this pan is about a pound of beans – mom’s caregiver loves them, and I’ll do anything for her. The other side is a pile of yellow and green summer squash, two kinds of peppers [the young lady at the stand told me that there were no hot ones in there – I’m happy to report that she was WRONG!], and some onion.

Both piles were tossed with extra virgin olive oil, unground sea salt, and freshly ground pepper. Thought about some herbs, but decided to season them as I use them. And best of all, this is all done at night, so that the house has a chance to cool off overnight!

Tomorrow, only the grocery shopping and last load of laundry are left. I’ll go out for brunch, with the newspaper, and then, oh my! so many possibilities! The local lake is a nice thought, as is a little shopping in the area where a coffee shop makes the best loose chai tea blend. Or there’s another, larger farmer’s market farther up the road, with one farmer who grows several varieties of hot peppers!

I’m so proud of myself! Everything is set up for the next week, and I have some time to relax!

3 thoughts on “Multitasking at its finest

  1. Sheryl says:

    There’s no doubt about it. How well I do with my food is largely do to how well I plan. And planning well makes me feel good, which helps me eat healthier as well. If the house, the bills, the kids’ school stuff, and the refrigerator are in some semblance of order, my life goes a lot better.

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Jane,
    As usual, your essay was right on the button and at just the right time to give me the push I needed to get my week organized. I have just returned from vacation, and that can be an excuse ~ “I didn’t have time to shop, so I have to go out to lunch”, etc… So I went to the grocery store and the farm stand and I spent an hour at the cutting board preparing a week’s worth of salads and fresh veggie snacks. It is a start, anyway. I need to know that my food is “ready to go” when i get home from work, or else I eat impulsively. Planning is good. So thanks for the incentive to get organized. I already know that this week is off to a good start and it hasn’t even started yet!

  3. coraspartan says:

    There’s something wonderful about getting the week off to a good start, isn’t there? One of my favorite feelings is on Sunday night when I have gotten everything I wanted to accomplished over the weekend–the mountains of the laundry, cleaning the house and vacuuming up enough dog hair to make another dog, paying the bills, uploading photos to send to family, writing the grocery list, and planning the menu for the week. There is little more satisfying in life for me than starting the week on Monday morning feeling organized and in control of my week!

    Planning the menu for the week is essential. If I don’t plan the food menu, I feel disorganized and like I’m wandering aimlessly the whole week. This Saturday I’m hosting a big birthday party (for myself!), which involves a lot of planning, but I’m still going to the grocery store tonight to shop for healthy food for the week so at least I will be organized in that area of my life, even if planning the party makes my life seem totally chaotic!

    P.S. Your roasted veggies sound wonderful! I’m going to try to make it to the Farmers Market this Friday to snatch up some fresh produce myself.

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