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In 2003, I started this blog, just talking about the work of losing a significant amount of weight, and the work of keeping it off. Soon this smart, funny, brilliant, helpful woman started commenting on the blog (This happens constantly now, but it was a new thing for me at the time). She went by the handle: JiffyPop.

I really looked forward to JiffyPop’s comments. She came from a different route in her weight loss efforts, but in maintaining her weight loss, we were sisters under the skin. The loose skin. Lots of loose skin.

When my mom got sick, and my job became more demanding, and it looked as if I might have to shut the Skinny Daily Post down, someone suggested inviting other writers. So I invited JiffyPop — who became Jane, and Jonathan, who has his own blog now.

Jane came aboard and basically saved The Skinny Daily Post from extinction.

We’ve emailed each other a bunch, and talked a couple of times on the phone, but in all three years of this growing friendship and partnership, we have never really, really, really met.

But we will! The weekend of September 30, my husband will read at the Dodge Poetry Festival, which is practically in Jane’s backyard!

We will meet. There will be tears. I have insisted on meeting Maggie.

And I just have to ask…. What do you think we should do? Can I carry any messages to her for you? How best to mark the occasion?

Oh shameless promotion: Jack, my husband, has a new website: He’s retired now, and available for workshops and readings! Please help keep him busy, will you?

14 thoughts on “Jane and JuJu Finally Meet!!

  1. Laura says:

    Please tell Jane THANK YOU for keeping SD alive and well. She brings great insight and I read every new post that goes on the thread.

    I don’t think it matters much of what you do. I’m sure after the hugs are done the words won’t stop flowing and it won’t matter where you are or what you’re doing.

    Have fun you two!


  2. cindy says:

    Hi there,
    Any advice on a good scale to buy? Any reviews done on the best, most accurate scale out there on the market? I can get on mine 3 times consecutively and it reads something different each time!

  3. Steph says:

    Hi Juju, I’ve been faithfully reading this blog for years now and was very happy when Jane came on board to support the effort. I’m sure you will have a wonderful time together. I totally remember when JiffyPop posted comments–I didn’t realize Jane=JiffyPop! Very interesting. Have a great weekend and keep us posted.

  4. Heidi says:

    And people predicted that technology would isolate us and dehumanize us. Instead it has connected people who would never have met.

    Have a great time!

  5. Melissa says:

    Hi JuJu!

    I have been reading this blog almost since it started 3.5 years ago. It has been a steady companion over that time. I would have a hard time putting in to words how much I have enjoyed each post, and how I look forward each day to a new entry. Although my weight loss trip has been slow and twisty, it is steady, and I have not gained weight in over a year (after 4+ years of steady gain). It is amazing to know that there are all these people, all over the world, that come together on this website to talk, share, complain, laugh, and celebrate our accomplishments.

    I am so pleased that you two will finally meet. Please send a hug to Jane and lots of behind-the-ear pets for Maggie. And here is a big hug for you, JuJu, for starting this thing all those years ago and keeping it going, in what ever format it will become.

    Safe travels!

  6. Razza says:

    “How best to mark the occasion?”

    Toast yourselves and all of us with a nice cup of tea.

  7. Cindy says:

    Hi Ladies!
    Have a great visit—what a moment that should be. You both are so inspiring to the rest of us out here in the weight loss world. Reading SDP is one of the highlights of my day. It is a constant reminder of what is possible. Best to you both!

  8. Mary Lou says:

    Someone shared this blog with me nearly 2 years ago. I don’t get to read it as often as I would like, but everytime I do I find myself nodding my head in agreement and saying “Yep, Yep, that is it exactly!” Meeting Jane will be “icing” on the cake of your friendship. A friend from my Weight Watcher’s board sent the link for the Skinny Daily to me. There are a group of us from all over our state and we have become good friends in the course of 3 years or so… many of us have met, some have not but it really feels like we have! Please tell Jane that she has helped and encouraged and cheered on so many, many souls without even being aware! I think we would all like to meet both of you some time! Have a wonderful time and give Jane a hug and “way to go girlfriend” from all of us…

  9. BUFFY says:

    I would recommend the Tanita digital scale.
    You can find it on line at There are several models, but choose a digital. They are very accurate and weigh to the 10th of a pound. consistently.
    This is the brand Dr. Phil used with the “Ultimate Weight Loss” groups.
    Hope that helps. I lost 88 lbs. 8.8 more to go.


  10. Cathy says:

    THANK you so much for this blog….I enjoy every post. I hope you two friends have a wonderful first meeting. Mark the occasion with hugs, kisses, good times and the promise of many more times together face to face. Enjoy yourselves.

  11. Sandie says:

    Words won’t be needed, so don’t worry about what to say when you finally meet. It will be in your eyes and the hugs you will give each other. How wonderful that you will finally meet………enjoy your time together after your fantastic journey and where you both are now!

  12. Sandi says:

    Ah…Jane…gotta love her. I have met Jane on 2 occassions and she is simply divine in person. Tell her that she is a special soul and enjoy every minute!! What to do? Why walk and talk, of course!! 🙂

  13. tony says:

    I didn’t realize that you two hadn’t met. I’m not sure what you should do, but I’m sure you’ll both come up with something good. If Jane’s bringing Maggie, how about a walk and talk? But mostly I’d like to add my congrats to both of you for such an inspirational site.

  14. jonquil says:

    Pictures? Maybe even a video clip posted here? Have fun!

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