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The last week has been a lesson in humility, in recognizing just how frail we humans are. In a word, I was sick. Not a genteel cold, with a box of tissues and mugs of warm tea. No – it was a high fever, bad chest problems, stomach discomfort, aches/pains, and misery. And sleep. Lots of sleep. So much sleep that I didn’t get in enough water.

So, here I am, several pounds lighter, and little to no appetite. And what have I learned? First, eating is optional at times like these. There’s no point in forcing food, especially when sleep and liquids are the top priority.

Second, other people can and do help. The caregiver kept Mom away from me, cleaned up after the critters, fed everyone, and put Mom to bed.

Third, and perhaps most important, things can wait. The world goes on just fine if the laundry doesn’t get done or the week’s groceries are late getting into the house.

I’m not as important to the world’s smooth functioning as I seem to have thought. What a relief! So, the world won’t miss me if I spend an hour or so riding my bike (as soon as I’m up to it) instead of making sure that everything’s done before I go.

The pressure is off! Things can wait a half hour or so, but my health might not.

And besides, I have to make plans for JuJu’s visit next week! There’s a wonderful craft show that weekend. Fall colors will be starting to come out. A nice hike with Maggie, and maybe a trip to a wonderful seafood place. Or, Maggie would LOVE to go hang out at the Jersey shore – a day at the beach! Maybe JuJu and I will organize ourselves for SDP! Now THERE’s a concept!

Bottom line – now that I’m back from the brink – it’s time to take time for me. Obviously. In fact, I’m sure you all knew this way before I did. Some of us are just hard headed, I guess!

4 thoughts on “Back from the brink

  1. Duff says:

    So what is it about this time of year? Seems like everybody I know has a cold, flu or sinus infection. Is it the kids going back to school or the climate change or what? Us women has such a hard time just stopping and being sick. Feel better soon Duff

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Jane,
    I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Fluids are essential, so drink up! Being hard headed isn’t such a bad thing, though. Remember, all that stubborness is what helps through the weight loss process. The world continually tells you that you can’t do it—won’t be successful—will fail to keep it off, etc… But we don’t believe them. We are too hard headed. And so we keep trying. Again. And again. And again. Being hard headed can be our friend. Use it to your advantage and recognize when it is getting in your way. That way, you are utilizing your resources. So, here’s to hard headedness and here’s to you!

  3. jonquil says:

    “Hard headed woman”– isn’t that a blues song? 😉

  4. Jane says:

    Jonquil – I had to look it up!

    Elvis and Cat Stevens both recorded it! You’re GOOD!!!!!! What a memory!

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