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A new survey has reported that nearly half of us have gained at least 10 pounds since we took new jobs. WOW! What a scary finding!

Can you see why? We’re working more hours, and we have more work-related stress in general. How many of us DON’T take a lunch break? [I’m VERY guilty of that one] How often are we stress-eating?

And what happens when we get home? Family activities and needs, errands, childcare, eldercare, anyone-but-ourselves care.

So, let’s think about how we can clean up our health habits at work. We don’t necessarily need a workout facility where we work, but we DO need to be mindful [as always!] about what goes in our mouths, and how we move our bodies.

My sister recently suggested that I carry a pile of papers around the office – two laps a couple of times a day. People would think I was going to or coming from a meeting! What a great idea!

Reducing, or at least monitoring, food intake is important, too. And I’ve recently stopped packing snacks. I don’t seem to want them much anymore. But there are opportunities to get into snack trouble. Oh dear. They’re of the small-bag-of-chips variety, so that’s a problem for me. At least they’re off my usual routes!

Finding a safe place to walk. A number of people here walk around the parking lot, generally in small groups. Another good idea, even though it would REQUIRE taking a lunch break [see above!].

One thing that helped me in the past was making an appointment on my computer’s calendar. At the designated time, the reminder would pop up: TAKE A LAP AROUND THE OFFICE. It’s time to start this up again.

What else can we do? How can we combine working efficiently with effective weight management? Share your best tips – we can beat this!

10 thoughts on “Gaining weight at work?

  1. Michelle says:

    I have just ordered a pair of Nordic walking poles. I may bring them to office for lunch time walks in addition to using them at home.

  2. tony says:

    I try to do all the usual stuff – park farther away, stay out of hte lounge where the small bags of chips are (yes, that’s my weakness too!), delivering mesages in person instead of e-mail, taking the lap around the building when I’ve been at the computer too long. I also have a small stash of good snacks, for when I get the late afternoon muchies. I find a small meal bar like Pria or half a Luna or Clif bar gets me thru it.

  3. Marie Braden says:

    And, unfortunately, many corporate environments are always shoving food in our faces. On my team, at least two days of the week SOMEONE brings in sweets as a treat for the team, plus we’ve had lunch catered in twice this week, PLUS they went around passing out moon pies and Cracker Jacks as part of some morale thing they were doing.

    it’s tough!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    And, I always thought the working community had it easier because you weren’t home stressed out with a toddler and only 10 feet from the fridge at all times. But, at least I can keep my fridge full of healthy snacks. There’s no break room full of cookies. No vending machines. I’m suddenly not envious of the corporate world! (

  5. martha says:

    The copy machine and printer in my office are a hike so I get up and walk to the machines to make only one copy at a time and I send one report at a time to the printer. I have to get up each time and walk to get the work completed.
    I found that when I multitask copying and printing I make a lot of mistakes. So this works for me.

  6. Zentient says:

    I used to bring in fresh fruit and sit it out in the break room, whatever was on sale that week. I would wash it and sit it in a pretty bowl. Still, a few were resentful, as if I was trying to tell them what they had to eat, as if I was trying to make them “feel bad” for eating the junk food. Office politics, jeez.

  7. Kelly Lynn says:

    It’s hard, but I usually bring an orange or apple or a bag of baby carrotts to snack on. If I really want junk food, I brush my teeth…so bringing a toothbrush and toothpaste to work is great because nothing tastes good with toothpaste…:P

  8. Dannah says:

    OK, enter my world of the worst all time work environments for weight loss…I work for the Girl Scouts. And yes, that translates to cookies! We get cookies from the bakers that want us to have the girls sell their brand…and we “sample” them. We get samples of nuts, candies, etc…and we eat them, too. Then there’s all those boxes of “seconds” or crushed cookies that can’t be sold…we eat THEM! Oh, and of course we are all kind women that think “caring” translates into feeding. So many folks bring in baked goods, etc from home. Should I stop here? Well,,,,it’s almost Halloween and the day after most people bring in their left over candies bc they don’t want them left at home to gobble alone. Share the wealth!!!
    I’ve tried to get a WW at Work group started, but not enuf #s. Some try to walk at lunch, but we’re so busy and irregular schedules. Lots of days I just hide in my office, but emerge for lunchitme where I eat only the foods that I’ve brought. And I drink lots of herbal/decaf teas.
    Girls, our only hope is self-control!!!
    Thanks for letting me rant,

  9. Lynn says:

    Well, ladies, it’s something that we have all heard before and yet we tend to still forget it. Whenever I think about snacking at work I drink some water from the water bottle that is conveniently placed right on top of my desk. It helps curb the craving and gets me through until a meal time (lunch or dinner) AND it is a nice reminder that I need to drink more water! Best of luck in the never-ending battle!

  10. Corey says:

    You guys can eat WHATEVER you want as long as it’s in moderation and at appropriate times. If you eat a huge lunch you won’t snack throughout the day. Be sure to include dessert with your lunch because that’s what really takes away the desire for a vending machine snack around 2 o’clock. It’s all about a well-balanced meal! Avoid soft drinks no matter what form they come in(water water water). Try to move at work as much as possible! Two tips that have worked for me:
    1) Park as far away as you can from work. The walk in the morning will get you going for the day. Take a walk to your car during your lunch break, too (I don’t know – leave a snack in your glove box or something).
    2) I catch my energy flagging half-way through the day. If you have a single person bathroom go in there and run in place for one minute; it does WONDERS for your energy and is a great pick-me-up in lieu of a snack to give you energy.

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