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Poor Maggie. She’s gained a few pounds, and I know why. In fact, I can see it happening. The Alzheimer’s mom has to share everything with her. And, with my schedule, neither of us is getting enough exercise.

I seem to be taking better care of Maggie’s exercise than of my own, however. I’ve hired a dogwalker 4 days a week because I work too far away to go home and let her out at lunchtime. She gets at least 20 minutes that way.

But what I’ve found most interesting is other people’s comments! Two people – for what it’s worth, both men – mentioned that she needed to lose some weight. And these were casual meetings – one at a farmers’ market and the other while I was walking her.

Why would someone say that to a dog owner? Trust me, it’s only 5 pounds! She just got through her annual vet visit, and that’s the number! What do these ‘commenters’ expect her to look like, a whippet?

I was polite. Really. But later, it dawned on me – if these people thought that it was acceptable to comment on the dog’s size, what on earth had they wanted to say to ME? And what would have come out of their mouths had the conversations continued?

At least, Maggie’s lost about 2 of the 5 pounds. I cut back her food from a heaping scoop to a not-quite full scoop. There’s no way I can control the snacks she’s getting, however.

But once again, exercise is the key for both of us.

Having said that, can ANYONE explain why I’m writing this at work, at 7:30 PM instead of from home, after a long walk?

LIFE! it’s always something!

6 thoughts on “Maggie’s extra 5 pounds

  1. Suzanne says:

    Why do we take care of others including our pets’ needs before our own? Maybe those of us who work overtime, should hire a “people walker” to insure we get our exercise. Or do they call them personal trainers?

  2. kristi says:

    For the opposite reason I find this entry hilarious. I have had 3 comments in the past 4 days on my dog’s weightloss and how great she looks, but no one’s complimenting me on anything!!!!! Can a gal be jealous of her canine companion and still be considered normal? 🙂
    It would be nice though if we all could learn to keep our opinions to ourselves. The world would be a safer place.

  3. Allyson says:

    If I had the money, I would hire someone to follow me around and kick me in the pants anytime I needed it!

  4. jonquil says:

    “It would be nice though if we all could learn to keep our opinions to ourselves. The world would be a safer place.”

    True, but then the blogosphere would collapse.

  5. Cindy says:

    I HATE it when people comment on my weight loss. It has been the hardest part of this whole ordeal, I think. There is so much judgment in even the most positive of comments. My dental hygeinist made several remarks at my last cleaning and then said “I can’t wait to see what you’ve done in six months.” That kind of pressure no one needs! So, yes, I’d like it if people kept their remarks and opinions to themselves. The world might not be happier, but I WOULD!

  6. Robin says:

    Just a suggestion for Maggie: Give Alz.Mom a bag of baby carrots to give Maggie whenever she wants to. Many dogs love them and are low cal and healthy. My german shep.and pug both lost weight without any effort. As for me, I’ve been maintaining my 50ish pound weight loss for 2 1/2 months and the talk bothers me too. It’s beginning to subside a bit though. I feel like people are just waiting for me to start gaining again. But, you know what? the only one that REALLY cares is me and I’m going to surprise them all and just keep on truckin’ and running and lifting and walking whenever my schedule allows.
    I feel great! and want to keep feeling great. As another commenter wrote (and it was an epiphany to me), “I’ve finally learned how to lose weight IMPERFECTLY.” And, that my friends is what I do every week- become imperfect and then get right back on track the next day or the next, but it happens. I give myself that freedom. Just give it a shot-to get back on track when you think you can’t, because you CAN! 🙂

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