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Occasionally, I manage to do something that works GREAT. It balances all those questionable things I do. This one was simple.

Boneless chicken breasts have been on sale over the past few weeks. Now, we all know that there’s an endless list of yummy recipes we can make with them, but since there’s not a huge amount of food consumed at my house, some of these had to be frozen.

Well, before I froze some of the chicken, I got the bright idea to poach it in chicken broth, and then cut it into bite-size pieces. I mixed the pieces with the chicken broth, and divided it among some freezer bags and then into the freezer. I figured the broth would help prevent freezer burn.

There was no real plan to use this, but there were definite possibilities.

Last night, when I returned home after 8, the challenge was to make dinner for the next two nights for the Alzheimer’s mom and the caregiver who gives my sister and me a couple of nights off. Chicken soup! I knew there was frozen chicken, and with fresh veggies, I figured I could pull this off fast.

Fresh mushrooms, summer squash, green and yellow beans, chopped tomato, carrots all went into a pot with a can of chicken broth. So did a jalapeno slit up the middle, but not through the stem [so I could pull it out easily]. And then the frozen chicken with broth.

When it boiled, I added some pastina for body.

In 30 short minutes, I ended up with about 2 quarts of REALLY YUMMY chicken vegetable soup. Very low-fat, VERY low-calorie, VERY healthy. Mom will enjoy it, maybe with an open faced toasted cheese. Whatever. It’ll work.

All I can say is: serendipity favors the prepared mind!

4 thoughts on “A flash of brilliance!

  1. m.a. says:

    ………the prepared mind…….that’s funny!!!!!!

    mine is so not prepared.

    you used pastina? next time it is soup making time, we (the royal we) are using bulgur. i finally found the freakin stuff in the grocery store…it took me WEEKS to find the right aisle.

    i am leaving now…i have to go prepare my mind in case serendipity drops on it…. or a bird….more likely a rabid gopher.

  2. Jacki McBride says:

    Being prepared definitely gives us an advantage! As a busy woman – Single parent of ten year-old b/g twins, full time student and with a full time job, being prepared is the only way I can see to succeed!
    I think EVERYONE is so BUSY today, that if we rush through life it can lead to catastrophe!
    I haven’t done this yet, but you’ve inspired me…the next time I buy chicken I’m going to marinate them and freeze them in the juice!

  3. Don says:

    Great recipe! Thanks for sharing.

    When I grill up chicken breast for fajita’s, I alway grill up more than we need for the meal. Then I put some of the left overs in the fridge in a zip lock for quick meals in the upcoming days. I then take the rest, vacuum seal it and freeze.

    Now I have quick grilled chicken for my salads or pita pockets.

  4. kristi says:

    The week before school started I sat down with my 4 children and asked them to tell me their favorite meals. By the time I added mine and my husbands we ended up with nearly 50 different meals. I then sat down with the children’s month long school hot lunch menu (to avoid any duplication) and made up my own dinner menu for the entire month. It worked so well I made a new one for Oct and plan to continue to do so. It takes about 15 minutes and makes shopping a breeze, because I know what I need. Meal prep is a synch.I know what meat needs to be thawedthe night before. In Oct I used my local food stores sale add to help make the menu. This way I was able to buy on sale meats reducing my monthly cost as well.

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