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Work has been busy – a too-tight deadline and no help. You’re all familiar with the scene. Add in the rest of my life, and it’s amazing that I’m still awake right now.

Awake, but not hungry. Interestingly, I’m reminding myself to eat. What a shock!

I’d heard rumors that this happens to people, but to ME? No way!

Back in the day, I’d have used food to try to perk myself up. After all, common wisdom said that if you need energy, you eat! That hasn’t always been the case for me. Eating often made me even more tired. It took a long time for me to realize the truth: I was probably eating the wrong things!

But that was then – this is now. Eating something decent generally gives me a pick-me-up these days, but it doesn’t always last long.

Bottom line, when I’m tired, I need more sleep. Doesn’t that sound simple? The right answer often is. We tend to complicate things. Not sure if it’s because we can’t believe that the answer is that simple, or if we’re trying to make excuses.

So, after I finish eating dinner, which are a couple of small meatballs made by my sister along with a couple of tablespoons of bulgur, I’ll take a shower and go to sleep.

Maybe you should, too.

3 thoughts on “I’m tired

  1. Zentient says:

    I found out one of the factors in my excess eating was untreated spleep apnea; I was trying to eat my way out of fatigue I couldn’t explain. Although I was “sleeping” enough hours I was stopping breathing about 38 times an hour as evidenced in a sleep study. If anyone reading this is told you snore a lot, you fall asleep frequently during waking hours, or have excessive fatigue it may be worth checking out.

  2. Deirdre says:

    This is the time of year when I don’t want to do much but sleep. I got my light box out and set it up this morning. That will help. I hope.

  3. Karen says:

    You are lucky!! I still have to remind myself that I just want to eat because I am tired and too tired and stressed to fight it.

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