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Have you ever said ‘bad dog!’ bad dog! to your favorite pooch? Well, use that tone of voice here, and you have my mood.

You guessed it – this is about exercising, or, more exactly, the lack of exercise. Well, that’s too simplistic, actually.

There’s an unbelievable deadline going on here – but it does have an end date. And the lack of exercise is really getting to me. So, are you wondering how much weight I’ve gained? The answer is that I don’t think I’ve gained anything. In fact, I’ve lost a few pounds, enough to fit into jeans that I couldn’t wear in the spring.

I’m skipping meals, often lunch, sometimes lunch and a snack for dinner (thank goodness for peanut butter and apple!). This pretty much explains the lack of weight gain along with the lack of exercise.

So, there are TWO bad habits that are forming right here before our eyes!

And, remember how often I’ve said that I knit my way through stress? I’m not even carrying my knitting around with me these days.

Three bad habits.

I’m trying to take a more philosophical approach here. There is definitely an end date here – November 4, 2006, to be exact. Life will return to normal after that. So, it’s temporary. There’s no need to assume that this will be a forever change.

Breathe, Jane, breathe!

So, today, just for today, I brought my walking shoes into the office, promising myself that my goal for today was to take a walk. I haven’t yet. But as soon as I click POST on this system, I’m shutting down my computer and leaving, with my walking shoes on.

It’s the caregiver’s night with the Alzheimer’s mom. I’m going to take a walk somewhere.

And, just for today, I ate lunch. The one I packed on Monday morning and never got around to. Didn’t eat it yesterday, either.

This is temporary. Chant that with me. It’s temporary. Life will return to normal, which means exercise, regular, healthy food, enough water.

But, bottom line, why do we fall into these problems when we’re stressed? Why can’t we just carry on?

7 thoughts on “Bad habits! Bad habits!

  1. Cindy says:

    For me, they are not bad habits, so much as “my” habits. They are not always productive, but until recently, they were all that I had—all that made me comfortable. And now, like you, I fall back on them sometimes, in times of stress. But the difference is, they are not comfortable anymore. That is my one hope for beating this thing. Little alarms go off in my head when I fall down, warning me to pay attention and try to create change. It doesn’t always work, but at least I am thinking and feeling. Before, I was in a daze—numb to what I was doing. So Jane, don’t beat yourself up too much. You are noticing and you are trying to create change. This is the baby steps we are all looking for. For me, it is still like pixie dust. I don’t understand the shift in my thinking and I live in fear of losing it, but I am grateful for now that I have it and it is helping me re-direct my life. Thanks for all you do for the rest of us…now go do something for yourself!

  2. Shrinking Knitter says:

    I love it when I’m too busy to eat. That doesn’t bother me one bit. I don’t like being too busy to exercise, though, because exercise is something I can easily postpone until I well and truly don’t feel like doing it any more.

    My husband travels for business and I don’t work outside our home, so I’m frequently on my own. But no set schedule and no deadlines leads to no discipline, usually.

    Ah, but the grass is always greener, eh?

  3. Zentient says:

    I remember reading somewhere, “The miracle is often in a shift of perception”. What Cindy says makes sense, about the noticing and creating change. I used to settle back down into being a couch potato , unconsciously glad of it, I could finally no longer have to “work” at eating and physical activities. I saw it as “comforting” myself. Now I can see the insanity of having a comfort orientation, it’s an illusion. It’s not self care, it’s self neglect. And when I neglect myself, I end up neglecting others as well. There must be times of respite, and I may always have times I shut down to a healthy way of life. These times occur less and don’t last as long, and for that I am grateful.

    Take care,

  4. m.a. says:

    hello???!!!!! jane????!!!!! please re read what you wrote. you are under stress and you LOST weight.

    you’ve come a long way, baby.

    light bulb?
    bon fire?
    well, torch my tush.

    11/4 you can find the balance again, but whoaaaaaaaa babe, you’re doing fine…so what if you are turning a little blue from the temporary loss of oxygen. your lips used to be PURPLE!!!! REMEMBER?????


  5. kristi says:

    This is temporary , this is temporary , this is temporary… sound just like me half way through every season of sports my children go through. Hang in there Jane, you’re doing awesome things for us and yes, go do something nice for yourself, right now!

  6. Karen says:

    wow !! Can I relate! Life is in quite an upheaval these days, and I can relate! I have lost the focus I had last year and have been trying to get it back. I too have the warnings in my head, but am fighting the tendency to fall back into old habits. Thanks for the encouragement. One of the things I have gotten away from is checking in with Skinny Daily. I definitely am reminded that it is a big boost when I need it. Keep up the good work.

  7. Allyson says:

    Torch my tush! LOL You can do it!

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