Skinny Daily Post


Am I the only person in the US whoís feeling overwhelmed by all the STUFF around here this season? NAH. Iím sure Iím not.

From the bombardment of TV commercials Ė including toy commercials well after all the tots are in bed Ė to the constant stream of computer banner ads, itís too much for me. And, of course, thereís all that FOOD in the stores Ė every store, even those that donít usually carry food! Seasonal treats, food gifts, extra displays in the aisles, all of itís tempting.

Whatís been your response?: Well, as I said, Iím overwhelmed. In the past, that would have translated into eating as a coping mechanism. After all, a person who uses food to Ďtune outí needs the drug of choice.

But this year, Iíve dropped out of the rat race. Thatís right. My participation is limited. Iíve been knitting up a storm [and with 4 days left to finish a shawl for my sister-in-law, Iím starting to get worried!], and have bought a pile of gift cards. Havenít gone to an enclosed mall at all, but I have made an appearance at a couple of strip malls Ėtheyíre easier to handle.

And this is actually translating into food as well! Iím not all that interested in eating. As with everything else this season, if itís uncomfortable, Iím not doing it! Who knows? I might even not gain weight over the holidays!

How are you coping? Are you in the middle of the frenzy, and enjoying every minute? or are you fretting about every detail and wondering how you can control the season?

Or are you dropping out, as I have? Iím not sure that my response is the right one. In fact, if I think about it for a few minutes, itís probably the result of overall exhaustion and stress. But, at least Iím making a conscious decision not to make it worse!

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