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So here I am at my sister’s house in another state, with the family celebrating Christmas. My brother’s here, and watching him is breaking my heart. He weighs about what I did at my highest, and he’s having trouble moving around. He’s huffing and puffing with the slightest effort, and he’s falling asleep and snoring as soon as he settles into a comfortable chair.

Yes, he needs to lose weight, but he’s not interested in doing that. He said it, and I’m not discussing it with him. If it happens, it has to be his choice.

But, over and above all this, what really struck me was his attitude towards food. In short, it was the focus of his day, and he ate by the clock, not by hunger. If there was a snack available, he was there.

Believe me, I saw the JANE of a few years ago, and it made me sad.

But, instead of joining him in this foodfest, I walked away, because it seemed like the right thing to do. I didn’t need to join in, and I wasn’t hungry. More than that, I also didn’t want to get into that emotional eating thing that’s such an issue with me.

Progress. The search for food, without regard to quality, is just not a priority any more. Don’t get me wrong – it’s gotta be worth eating. But it’s not the center of my life. I’m happier doing other things than eating.

I’m liking this balance, and keeping it going will be a major priority for me. Once again, proof positive that it’s more about the WHY of eating rather than the WHAT.

One thought on “A lightbulb moment

  1. Susan says:

    Ouch! This post reminded me of how I used to be.

    I feel so bad for your brother, but you were right not to say anything to him about his weight. It has to be his decision.


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