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Happy 2007, everyone! Here’s hoping that all your wishes and dreams come true.

So, what was your first bite today? I got to thinking about this yesterday, when the very first thing that went into my mouth was NOT the usual tea. It was a chocolate-covered hazelnut.

Huh? where did that come from? And why? Maybe it was annoyance at something, or not enough sleep. Or convenience. Or anger (although it’s not easy for me to be angry, or to have any strong emotion for that matter, first thing in the morning).

Whatever it was, I knew this couldn’t continue. So I vowed that today, New Year’s Day, the first thing I put in my mouth would be a GOOD thing. A RIGHT thing. Something that I’d be proud of later.

So, it was – strong tea with soy creamer and sweetener. A huge mug, sipped in my jammies for extra comfort. And to make it even better, I refused to take care of anyone, anything, or any task, until the mug was empty.

So there!

Getting 2007 off to the right start just seemed to be so important. What’s on your 2007 agenda? Did you take a good ‘first bite’ today?

And apologies for not posting as much. In a very strange turn of events, I’ve been writing, but not posting. I hope you’ll allow me to backdate the posts, because they’re relevant to the times. Stay tuned! Things will be back to normal.

One thought on “First bite of the New Year

  1. regina lee says:

    i am new to this. would like to join in. i am at a stand still.

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