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Feeling guilty about Christmas? Beating yourself up because you ate something you probably shouldn’t have? Overwhelmed about where to start?

Join the club.

But, perhaps more important, take a deep breath and take stock. It’s salvageable.

For me, I was really bummed in December about all the business trips [and the work needed to pull them off!], holiday preparations, and Alzheimer’s mom care. Exercise tanked. Eating the wrong things increased, even though I pretty much stayed the same weight-wise because I was generally too stressed to eat. My focus strayed from the ‘big picture’ to the minute-by-minute of managing each mouthful.

The concept of balance was gone. But most important, here it is, the very beginning of January, and I’M ADMITTING IT! It hasn’t taken the usual 3-4 months to hit me over the head. That’s 3-4 months of improper eating and wallowing in exercise-less comfort.

So, take a little time to look at what you’d like to improve. If you’re overwhelmed by it all, just focus on one little change. If you’re one of the lucky few who can identify just one or two things that need some work – consider yourself perfect!

But the rest of us aren’t. So, let’s put it all behind us. Learn from what we did and didn’t do. Pat ourselves on the back for realizing the need for change EARLY in the year, rather than in June [bathing suit season!].

Put on a new attitude. And for me, that means applauding myself when I exercise. Of course, I’d rather report that I made it to the gym twice last week, but frankly, I’m thinking that the one weight session and the later-in-the-week bike ride [1 hour!] deserve applause.

Applaud yourself!

6 thoughts on “Attitude counts!

  1. sandy says:

    I had a nice break from law school, having completed my first semester mid-December. I did try to get to the gym and jog a few miles outdoors, but of course that was not enough to offset my relaxed eating habits. However, the past few days I have been eating much better, and therefore I feel better, too.

    I think I need to remember that when I am stressed, I need to treat myself well; that is, I should nourish myself properly and not use stress as an excuse to eat poorly.

    That’s my January realization – easier said than done, of course! School starts in a week…

  2. m.a. says:

    butter, cheese, chocolate.


    they make me swell.

    i loved them so.

    whole grains, vegetables, protein.


    i love them not as well.

    (fine, you may ban me now)

    liz b. browning

  3. Andrea says:

    You know, I realized yesterday when writing to a friend that it’s really important not to focus on all the bad things you’ve convinced yourself you’ve done, but instead to focus on the healthy habits you practice everday. Choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, looking for lower-fat versions of your favorite foods, choosing the turkey burger over the cheeseburger, etc. Small realizations over time will eventually lead to big changes in how you live your life, and moreover, they’ll be much more sustainable. 🙂

  4. Eileen says:

    Like you, Jane, all kinds of things “conspired” in the last month or two to make me eat more – more food in general and certainly more fat/sugar/white stuff – and move less – but today’s a new day! The only thing that I can change is my attitude – and you know what? I’m WORTH spending the extra time/effort to make sure I have healthy stuff with me (even while traveling – going to Trader Joe’s after work to stock my hotel room) – and to make sure I get at least 40 minutes of walking in, every day! Here’s to 2007 – the year we make lasting change! (and congrats that it took you only weeks/days instead of months. See? The change is already underway …)

  5. Zsuzsa says:

    Hi Jane!
    I appreciate that you share your thoughts about the difficulties of maintenance and weight loss but you never seem to write about your nutrition and workout routines. I think it would be a good idea to shed some light on that. For example, do you count calories, do you figure out your macronutrient ratios? Do you have any good recipes to share? Do you exercise just for the sake of maintenance or do you have fitness goals? Have you tried any fat loss programs that also incorporate exercise, e.g. Body for Life? What are your favorite fitness sites?
    Stay strong,

  6. Barbara says:

    As I’ve said before, I’m new to this site and therefore responding a little later than others.

    I have been doing so well since January 1, but after reading these posts, I realize that I’m still beating myself up for not being “perfect”. What a ridiculous expectation. I really need to practice “applauding” myself for what I’ve done well. Why is that so darn hard? I don’t think feeding my mind all that negativity helps anything. I’m sooooo good at being positive for others. I need to practice what I preach.

    Maybe if I can start recognizing those self-defeating thoughts sooner that I can ease up on myself and replace that negative thought with a positive thought.

    That’s my goal for this next week.

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