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Well, it’s like this. Remember last week when I said that my goal was to get to the gym twice for weights? I didn’t make it. However, I do think that the 1-hour bike ride counted.

But, in keeping with idea that the past is done, and TODAY is what matters, I’m getting ready to leave work and go to the gym. And therefore, this post has to be brief, because there’s an Alzheimer’s support group meeting at 7, and I want to be there.

Tonight’s workout will consist of at least 3 sets of 15 ab crunches, some of which will focus on obliques. I’ll do these sitting on the ball, and – for now at least – I won’t hold extra weight overhead while doing them.

I’ll alternate these with skull crunchers for the triceps, holding a 9-pound bar. In the good old days, I could easily use 20 pounds, but not now!

Standing rows for the back – about 20 pounds. Also light for me, but hey, I’ll get back to strong at some point.

Bicep curls alternating with chest presses – about 20 pounds. Then lat pulldowns and seated rows on the machine.

Quad squats by placing the ball between me and a wall. And then perhaps some machine for the legs, but frankly, if I run out of time, that’ll go by the wayside.

OK – gotta go do this. Keep you posted later!

One thought on “Today’s exercise goal

  1. Zsuzsa says:

    I somehow didn’t notice that you strength trained, holding weight even when doing crunches and all! Way to go, Jane!

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