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Well, at least that’s what the magazine cover said! This whole big bowl of yummy looking soup for 102 calories.

How can they measure that so precisely? What happens if you use a slightly larger mushroom or a few more shreds of carrot? and if you add these wee little bits, do the extra calories have any real meaning?

Geez. Sounds like I’m going into a ‘deep meaning of life’ discussion here. But I’m not, really.

However, the ‘102 calories’ line DOES bring up the essential point that we need to be able to measure our portions accurately. We need to know what’s going into our food.

Do a few extra veggies actually make a difference? Well, no. But another couple of tablespoons of cheese, or dressing, or oil, well, that’s a different matter.

And following recipes – a small onion makes some sense, as we all have an idea of how big that is. But our ideas are not identical. Putting things in terms of cups and tablespoons – actual measures – is more accurate, and gives us a better count.

That translates into better control.

I promise to stop chuckling at recipe counts that are so exact. But I also promise to keep a closer eye on what goes into a recipe. Extra veggies are fine, but as much as I love it, maybe those few extra bits of cheese aren’t such a good idea.

I promise to look more closely. Honest!

7 thoughts on “102 calories

  1. cindy says:

    Hi Jane,
    Here is one place where we part ways… When I cook, I sort of measure some things (meat portions, for example, because I am still “learning” about what that portion is supposed to look/feel like). But, with everything else, especially ingredients that go into something more complicated, I do not measure or worry over. The portion of the total food product that I serve myself is what I focus on. I can’t micro-manage my food quite the way you do—but that is what makes this weight loss thing so fascinating…Every one of us is different from the other, and so we must find our own path. I haven’t been able to count calories yet — too scary. I have an obsessive personality (big surprise!) and the idea of becoming obsessed with numbers in that way simply overwhelms me. I think I’d have given up long ago if I started that.
    On the other hand, as I am nearing my goal weight, it is increasingly difficult to lose, and I know that starting to count calories and measure more carefully might help me get there. Or, it could back fire… So fo now, I will stick with what is working and keep plugging away slowly and try to think about measuring and calories in careful doses. Everyone needs to find their own path…and this is mine (for now…).

  2. christina says:

    Hi Jane and Juju,
    I love your blog and wanted to let you guys know about mine, feel free to hop on by, I have your blog as a link on my site. have a great day

  3. traci says:

    I have a small obsession right now with calories. How many are in everything, how many have I had already, how can I best make use of the ones I have left to spend today? Those calories sneak up on you if you don’t really pay attention!

    My husband makes fun of me (in a nice way) because I’m currently in love with 100 calorie packs. You know – cheetos, hostess cupcakes, wheat thins all in packs that say “100 calories”.

    I can eat healthy meals and control my calories in a thoughtful manner when we’re talking about meat and pasta and veggies and all that stuff. What I can’t do is eat a controlled amount of junk food. Just doesn’t seem to be a skill I have.

    So I’m crazy about these 100 calorie packs. You can eat the whole thing! Without thinking! It’s a junk food fix once a day that I don’t have to worry about or feel guilty about. They are the perfect reward for the hour I spend at the gym without un-doing everything I’ve accomplished by going to the gym in the first place!

    I know that someday I’d like to be in enough control to eat a reasonable portion without it being in a little bag marked “100 calorie pack”. I’d also like to think that someday my eating habits will be just that – habits that don’t require constant thought. But until that day, I’ll count every calorie and be glad that someone invented those little packs!

  4. susan says:

    You definitely can’t rely on calorie counts! My dd was selling subs at school and the multigrain sub said 1 sandwich=1 serving and was 350 calories. However, when I weighed the sandwich, it was actually 1 1/2 servings — therefore many more than the 350 calories one would think one was eating! It’s much better to eat mindfully and stop when satisfied.

  5. vickie says:

    Traci.. After a forty year struggle with my weight, I have once again recently lost 40 pounds.Those “100” calorie packs saved my life.Yes, I obsess over which one I will have at night, but its enough to get me thru the day thinking about my “reward!” (sorry.. im 55years old and habits are hard to break! The 100 calorie popcorn is my favorite.. Its a HUGE bowl for 100 calories!!!For me, food is not just food..I’ve tried it ALL over the years, but this has worked for me this time!

  6. jenna says:

    I am new to your blog and so far think it is great…

    100 calorie packs are genius…we feel indulgent, but in a controlled way.

    I have been mulling over a thought all week that I read in a recent Prevention magazine about how “skinny” people eat and think about food. By that they meant those who, unlike the rest of us, have never once given food or weight a second thought…I would kill to be one of those people…but I digress…there were many good point, but this is the one that struck a chord and stuck with me… “Thin people don’t see hunger as an emergency.” Isn’t that great??? It made me stop and think, How DO I approach hunger? Do I ever really allow myself to feel hungry, or do I think…OH MY GOSH…get me to the nearest food?

    Anyway…thought I would share and see if anyone else had any thoughts.
    Thanks for letting me on board!

  7. Hello!

    This is my first visit to your blog, and it is quite unique, well done!

    I agree is difficult to measure calorfic content down to a single calorie, so on calorie controlled diets I find these few steps easiest:

    Serve out of bowls – find a bowl, or buy one if you have to that measures a typical meal size, then serve your soups/salads etc. in that

    If you are in doubt, dont eat the unhealthy portions, but stock up on vegetables and salads.

    It is important to find a diet that works for you, and if calorie counting is too hard…switch to an easier diet that fits with your lifestyle!

    Take care,

    Eliza Kelly – Nutritionist @ Ten Diets That Work

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