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So THAT took longer than I ever thought it would. If any of you are still there, I am still Juju, and still here. Still have a body. Still trying to care for it. Still succeeding in small ways and once in a while failing spectacularly. But learning. You know. I’m always learning.

When last I checked in, I was trying out a new plate-spinning act — keeping Dad care, family and pet care, coworker and client care, and self care all going at the same time. Not always successfully.

In the time since I wrote regularly here, I have aged a bit (Is this blog really 5 years old? Holy cow!), given up contacts for a goofy pair of glasses, tried to make sense of peri-menopause, become obsessive about knitting (which does help me kick the old evening binge habit, but is too sedentary to count as my daily exercise), respectful of grief, and addicted to French tea towels.

I have not kept up with the latest nutrition/fitness press, but have a long reading list I’m in the mood to tap.

I have found an interesting peace with my body, which is not nearly so fit as it was when I started this blog, but is a strong, healthy body nonetheless. I may be forming a kind of miltancy about the 50-year-old female body, but I can’t articulate it yet, and guess that’ll come from writing here, as usual. This new peace is something I’m in the mood to explore…

Sitewise, I’ve pulled the old blog into WordPress, a lovely application I can’t say enough nice things about. That will make it a whole lot easier to keep the content safe from the crazy spam artists who made Jane’s and my blogging life a real chore for awhile there.

I’ve checked in with Jane, and will provide updates as soon as I have them. Meantime, it’ll be just me, offering up help and support as I find it to share.

If you’re new to this little corner of the blogosphere, The Skinny Daily Post is intended to be a source of support for people who have undertaken a significant weight loss. We are agnostic about method, but share the same point of view: losing the weight is just the beginning. Maintenance is the hard part.

Oh, did I mention that I still have a hard time getting my daily exercise in? Yep. It’s still hard. But I’m going to work out in the morning.

I will if you will…


41 thoughts on “As I was saying…

  1. Peg says:

    Well, isn’t this a lovely surprise on a not so wonderful Monday! Good to see you back and looking forward to hearing from you again!

  2. harmony says:

    Hey! Nice to see you. I finally pulled up my site today and clicked some links just to see who was updating. Imagine my surprised to see a new look and new post. Hope things are well with you (and Jane too!)

  3. KRK says:

    Welcome back! The new look is great. Is that a potato mug?

  4. Deirdre says:

    Welcome back!

    Perimenopause is soooo much fun if you enjoy roller coasters. I’ve never been a fan of them myself. I have found a daily dose of edame does wonders for the hot flashes.

  5. dietgirl says:

    ohhh it’s so good to see you again 🙂

  6. Kim says:

    How wonderful to see you back. I knew very little about you, other than I enjoyed your posts in the past, all those years ago. I’m a knitter, late 40’s, trying to come to peace with the body, tight schedules and the need for peace and quiet, too. I’m looking forward to more of your wisdom and reflections.

  7. Mj says:

    This is a lovely surprise! It’s good to see you.

  8. It’s so great to have you back! Can’t wait to check out your knitting blog. You couldn’t find a better obsession.

  9. Cheryl Sims says:

    I sure have missed you. You kept me sane in this diet (life) process. Thanks for updating and I will be looking forward to more of your entries.

  10. Vickie K says:

    Wow! All this time I thought it was my computer that was the problem. So happy to hear from you. Since you last posted I lost 35 pounds and to date have gained back 15 of them. In a constant state of beating myself up,being annoyed that I threw away so many fat clothes, but still not where I need to be… ( as in getting up and just getting started AGAIN!) You are here at the perfect time. Welcome back and thank you!

  11. autumnseer says:

    Can it be true? Could not believe my eyes that there was activity on here and it pleased me ridiculously to no end. Like getting in touch with an old friend.

    I was just contemplating discontinuing the feed the other day as I didn’t think you would be back. But then I relented, keeping the hope. Am I ever glad I did. Great to see you back and with a whole new look!

    Hey, can you spread the peace about your body to me? I’m lost in perimenopause-ville also…

    Again, good to have you back. Brought a smile to my face firs thing this morning.


  12. Anne says:

    Wonderful to see you again 🙂 WordPress is the bomb and I hope using it makes it easy for you to write when you want and not be beleaguered by spammers.

  13. Jan Hedden says:

    What a wonderful surprise! I’m so happy to see you back in my little corner of cyberspace. You’ve made a rainy morning in SC a little happier.

  14. Dennis says:

    Yaaay!! Glad you are back!!

    You brought me to this space in the first place, and I thank you for it.

    Yes….I will if you will.

  15. missy says:

    Wow! I ususally just delete stuff I don’t really recognize but this said ‘feedblitz’ close enough to food for me….. had to check it out! I am so happy to see you back. I lost 109lbs about 3 years ago and have been maintaining about 87lbs of it since that time. I am currently working on 40 more. Thinking and being encouraged to start a local support group for friends and clients and relatives. All is good! I walk daily, except Wed/Thurs, my days are too long to fit that in. I know one thing…. I’m not going back to where I started! I am going to walk and bike and workout, and not be obese again! I am very strong minded in that! Hey, great to have you back! Take care…

  16. Jennifer says:

    Juju- so good to see you back at it! The best thing to come back to in my email after a long weekend. 🙂 Just the thing to get my mojo restarted!

  17. jujuridl says:

    Hi you guys. It’s great to be back… Embarrassing that it took all of 30 minutes for WordPress to suck the old blog out of its old home. I’ve been procrastinating, assuming horrors. One horror, though, is that it did not come over with authorship attributes. So the stuff that Jane wrote and Jonathan wrote, looks suspicioiusly as if I wrote it. I’m going to devote some time to this this weekend, to try to get the authorship data working properly. Wish me luck with that, or better yet, if you know what I need to do, drop a hint, okay?

    Meantime, Jane writes that she’s plowed under, still. Send all of your best thoughts her way today, will you? That would be Northwest New Jersey State, in the pretty mountain region, if you’ve just arrived…

  18. sherry says:

    Seeing you back in my e-mail box made me feel almost giddy with excitement (and relief!!) I’ve missed your thoughts and words and helpfulness immensely. And I can’t express how perfect the timing is! GLAD YOU’RE BACK!!!

  19. Mary says:


    Great to hear from you and to know that your life is calm enough to permit you to keep writing. We ALL need you!!

  20. Hi! It’s good to see you back. I used to read your blog a lot a year or so ago, and still keep up with Jonathan and Debbie (aka The Shrinking Knitter; she’s how I found you today).

    I love your picture. That is too too cute. Can’t wait to read more!

  21. Sally Rhodes says:

    I’m so glad to hear from you!! I too am struggling right now and it always helps to hear from you!

  22. Silke says:

    I actually found this site while it was inactive, so I’m glad to see you back. I’m a bit out of my “safety zone” right now and want to lose 5 pounds. Exercising regularly, but eating Halloween candy and having 2 “free days” instead of 1 will bring the dreaded pounds back. Maybe this will motivate me to stay away from the candy corn!

  23. Nancy K. says:

    It was nice to have a post from you again.I also thought that my computer had deleted your blog.I had missed your posts and really didn’t hold out any hope to be inspired by you again.

  24. Pat says:

    Juju – Girl,it’s so good to see you pop up in the mailbox! Hey -no worries – we all make plans and then life steps in. As they say, if you want to make God laugh, make a 5 year plan! I’m just glad you are back and rejoining us in the daily battle to be who we want to be rather than who we might be if we let genetics, biochemistry and inertia have their way.

  25. Maribeth says:

    Hi!!! I’m so glad to see you back. It made my day to see your post in my email– you’ve been such an inspiration to me. I’m muddling through the joys (??!!??) of menopause too, so glad to hear you’ll be writing about that,too.

  26. Debbie says:

    Juju, glad to see you back! Keep writing!!!


  27. Danielle in Seattle says:

    Wow…..I don’t know how or why this popped in to my inbox. Perhaps I signed up long ago and forgot about it. Or perhaps the cosmos just sent me a little gift. I’m on a journey to lose 150 pounds and BOY do I need you right now. Lost 50 a few years ago and gained back 60. I’m over 42 and just beginning to feel the health effects (knees, back, sleep apnea) and what’s to come if I stay over 300 pounds. I’ve been so lucky to be robust and healthy up til now, but I could feel myself on the verge of crashing in to arthritis, diabetes and all. I’m doing it now, one or two pounds a week at a time, but am so very very scared about working so hard just to gain it all back. How do you change your LIFE so that doesn’t happen? Especially when life is pretty good as it is? help.

  28. newjane says:

    Juju, thanks for returning to us. I thought you’d either gotten tired of the whole blog thing, or regained your weight.

    That’s what I’ve been struggling through. I spent over a year losing over 55 pounds of the more than 100 needed, then maintained while wanting to keep losing another year and a half, and then over the last year have regained over half of what I originally lost. And this time, being older, I’m in more pain than before from the weight, and more worried.

    It’s a constant battle and I need to see some success. I’m also sick to death of reading weight loss advice! I’ll try a new tack and it’ll seem to help for a few weeks, then LIFE will happen – illness, a crisis, what have you – and I’ll find I’ve lost all the ground I gained.

    I need hope, at this point. And I appreciated the honesty of this blog in the past, so I’ll be reading along.

  29. String Bean jean says:

    I was surprised and happy to see the “FeedBlitz” in my inbox.

    I see alot of people have lost weight only to re-gain it all, then some….me too! Been there, done that.

    I think all of us know what we “have” to do in order to lose weight. I have stopped reading all the weight loss advise in the magazines etc.

    What is helping me get through it all is a 12 step program (can I say this here? Overeaters Anonymous) My problems go much deeper than food and weight loss.

    I work out almost every day and I feel good about who I am and the positive things I accomplish each day.

    My body is not the slender body I see in all the magazines, it’s better. I am strong and healthy with some “meat” on my bones. Sure, I’d like to lose 30 lbs. BUT I am grateful for the body God gave me!

    I am grateful for this beautiful day, rain and all!

  30. Ann says:

    What a great treat to have you back! I’m 56 and have been knitting since I was in junior high school. Have also been trying to lose weight for that long 🙂

  31. Mary says:

    Oh, Juju! I cried when I saw you were back. I’ve been thinking about you for what seems like ages, wondering how (and what) you’re doing now. Occasionally I wander back through your blogs just to remind myself of your sensitivity and insight. Welcome back. Hey, I know I will… and now, I know you will.

  32. Theresa says:

    I am so, so happy to find you back. I love the way you write and I love the way you think. I hope you are able to find time to send us more of your no nonsense, compassionate view of life.
    I look forward to hearing your updates about Jane.


  33. Kathy says:


    thank you for coming back and brightening
    my day.

    Take care.

  34. Martha says:

    WELCOME BACK! I can’t begin to tell you how much I missed you! Its like finding those warm fuzzy slippers that were kicked to the back of the closet all summer. We need you. Love the glasses – they look just like mine. So glad you are finally feeling less pressured…I look foward to reading your blogs daily. Thanks JuJu for not giving up on us.

  35. Kristi says:

    I’m sorry for your losses and struggles. I’m deliriously happy you are back.

  36. Pat says:

    As the others before me have said, “It’s great to see you back again”.
    Look forward to receiving more blogs soon.

  37. Anna says:

    I am loving this! You all know where I’ve been and what it is like to do this.
    I have lost 91 lbs. over two years and every day is a new one to keep the new habits alive and working. Not every day is perfect, but I am glad to have found this path and changed my life so much for the better.
    String Bean Jean, thanks for the affirmation. It is a beautiful world and life is a privelege. And the most amazing thing is that every 24 hours, we get a new chance to get it right. Remembering that helps me a lot.
    Thanks to JuJu and the others who comment so we all know we aren’t on the road alone.

  38. Cindy says:

    Welcome back! I check my link from time to time, and I’ve come to expect “hiatus” to pop up. Imagine my surprise when, not only did it NOT pop up, but what DID pop up had a whole new look!. I am so excited and look forward to the new thinking that your posts will inspire. You guys were my first blog—my first support system in this weight-loss journey and it is nice to have you back. I’ve managed to lose 135 pounds, with about another 25 to go. I have “maintained” for the past 7 months (sounds better than stalled), which is VERY hard to do. Weight loss is definitely easier than weight maintenance! At 46, I am interested to hear about perimenopause and what to expect from my body. I am learning to listen to it, a new skill for me. It takes some effort, but it will be nice to hear what others are feeling and what they do about it.

  39. Gwen says:

    How are you dealing with the loss of your mom? I recently lost my mom–I’ve gained 10 pounds and don’t really care. I wish I did.

  40. browneyedsusan says:

    You’re Back! and with a new look! How Cool is that? You’ve been missed. It sounds like you used your time away wisely.
    I’m relatively new to this section of the blogsphere. I’m 48 and have struggled with my weight since I can remember. It’s great having another helpful tool in my battle for health, weightloss and the nutritional way.
    I’ve found that tofu has helped with the power surges.

  41. Kery says:

    Sure, I’m quite late in commenting, but I still wanted to say “welcome back”. I’ve been reading this blog since early 2005, have always loved it, and it’s only because of NaNoWriMo and upcoming midterms that I didn’t check sooner this year to see if it was back (after having checked religiously every day during the summer… *coughs*). Anyway, now that it’s on a WP platform, it’s going to be easier to keep track as well. Into my feed reader it goes! 🙂

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