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Weird timing, my return to blogging.

So I returned recently from a trip to Maine, and Deer Isle, a place I love to visit. And while there, as usual, I put in a little walking/hiking time, in particular a really nice trail, the Tennis preserve. Just a lovely trail. This is the sort of Maine hike along a granite, treelined shore where every step you take is on a root. That is, your foot never lands in a predictable or flat way. And so a few times along the route, I had this thought, “Oh, I’m going to feel that tomorrow.” But the trail was breathtaking, unbelievably so. I kept thinking the whole thing had been hallucinated by Tolkien. And I was somehow wandering through an idea of an idea of a beautiful coastal forest.

Well the next day was the day we flew home, which turned into a bit of an ordeal, with the plane having technical malfunctions, we were held on the tarmac for a while. In the tiny plane. Strapped in. For a while. And another while. And a while after that.

And since then, I’ve had this pain in my left leg. And it’s gotten worse, and worse. I thought — arthritis? I thought — bursitis? I thought — muscle tear? But there was functionally nothing wrong with my leg. No specific spot where it hurt, no movement that made the pain sharper. Just a bone-deep, tooth-achey sort of pain that over the days started to travel up and up… By the time it reached my groin, I was calling the docs.

Did I mention I’ve been working to understand/manage the special joy-filled season of peri-menopause. Didn’t I? By which I mean I’ve been a pain-wracked, sponge-brained, sweaty, hot, sleepless emotional slug. Not to put too fine a point on it. And after several months of that, my resolve to avoid hormone therapy completely melted, and I succumbed to a low-dose birth control pill. Which worked really well, by the way. I have loved my little pink pills.

Loved them. Loved them. Loved them.

Except that….

I spent last night in the hospital because I have a goodly blood clot (which my kids have decided to call Cleveland) in my left thigh. And now I’m on two kinds of blood thinners, making me a functional hemophiliac. And I’m not allowed to take up fencing or sword swallowing for awhile, or play with sharp objects.

Seems birth control x being strapped down for a long flight = Deep Vein Thrombosis.

And I’ve been kicked off of my beloved estrogen.

So while I’ve taken back up with blogging, you will get to watch me devolve back into crazy land. But being up at 3 in the morning for hot sweats should make for interesting posts, don’t you think?

Anyway, I’m fine. I have new skills (self-injection!) and a deeper appreciation for the complexity of our human systems, and a reminder that hospitals aren’t actually as much fun as you might think. Although the nurses are amazing. Really. Nurses and teachers. There ought to be a separate heaven just for them, with a lot more perks.

Dang. Life’s rich pageant, eh?

Now how to I deal with maintaining some semblance of muscularity while confining my activity so as not to loosen a clot? Delicate… this…

5 thoughts on “Cleveland

  1. Oh, dear.

    My son-in-law has DVT, as well. Has to wear those sexy elastic stockings everywhere he goes.

    Not to diminish your experience, but next time you’re feeling really, really overwhelmed by all of it – blood clots, no estrogen, sweats, sleeplessness – just remember: You could be a thirtysomething man wrestling with a thigh-high.


  2. jujuridl says:

    Oooh, that little heh at the end there? That was pure evil, princess… but yes, poor guy. It does give one persective…

  3. kitty says:

    Sounds awful…. but if only to make you feel better, last time I had to fly over 5 hours and navigate two airports in one day, was the day after I suffered two broken bones in my foot. So add on two hospital visits to that weekend and 10 weeks in a cast afterwards.

    I’m just getting off the cast, and I’ve never felt more sluggish. Seems just walking now brings on whole body pain as I twist everything out of alignment to protect my tender tootsies.

    The happy news is that I didn’t gain even one pound sitting around home for 5 weeks and getting rides everywhere. I’m at a heavy spot right now which should teach me a lesson, but I didn’t let it get any worse.

    I’m looking forward to forgetting all about it, soon enough. This too shall pass.


  4. Cindy says:

    I am SO glad you are back to blogging, and in a twisted sort of way, glad you are dealing with the whole, hormones-life is full of choices- menopause-grief-stuff, because that is right where I am and it is good to have such an articulate and generous blogger (you!) to share it all.

    Making peace with and making progress in this body: a daily parade of choices (I can’t believe I am 53 and still struggles to eat my veggies!) And then there are the commitments to others…

  5. Deirdre says:

    Deep breathing twice a day for fifteen minutes helps with hot flashes, too. Lowers your stress hormones or something.

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