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Hey y’all.

I swear I’m going to get to the Taubes book project. It’s coming.

I’ve hit a passel of little bumps in the road:

1. Learning an awful lot about blood (it needs our respect, this goo), about clotting, and about electrolytes, and the system that keeps blood volume in balance, and stuff like that. Not sure it’s going to be of general interest here, but you’ll likely hear about it all anyway, once I feel enough on top of it to report coherently. Meantime, let me just say, drink your dang water, will you? At least 2 liters a day. Make a point of attending to it. Get a bigger mug. Commit to lots of herbal tea, mkay? Because it just may be that those of us who work hard at dieting (too hard?) and exercise put ourselves in a particularly dicey place where consistent blood volume is concerned. Isn’t that one more lovely worry to worry about?

This learning is not entirely at my leisure. I am being studied. It’s interesting to be a lab rat. You know that feeling you sometimes have that you’re sitting on your own shoulder, watching the proceedings of your life? This living-under-study stuff is very much like that but moreso, because you can’t talk yourself out of the feeling. You really are a lab specimen. And I really have to collect perfect data. Collecting data about body fluids is plain awkward. You can extrapolate and understand.

2. And then the hubbub of the holidays, for which I am never actually ready, no matter how much I flatter myself that I’m on top of things.

3. And now that 2-week cold that we’ve been nursing at the office came home with me, and is all bronchial and sinusy and gut-grotty.

4. Oh, well, and I got a Kindle. And have been downloading and reading almost everything at while nursing my cold. And thinking a lot about the Transcendentalists, and Hawthorne, and Austen. I love my Kindle. It’s my second ebook. And it’ll be awhile before there’s a perfect ebook in the world, but if anybody’s going to get there, I’d put my money behind Bezos. I’ll likely write about that over on my company’s blog site one of these days.

(Speaking of blogs. I’m also acutely aware that I am trying to keep up around 6 blogs. That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? I may have to think about that little problem one of these days. Who needs six? Who needs one?)

So, I’m late on my homework, but still intend to sum up Taubes, and still interested in participating in that discussion, but just a lot of stuff is jumping in the way. I beg your patience, if, in fact, you’ve been worried. Which is assuming a lot, I realize…(smile).

First on my list, even before Taubes, is getting out from under clots and colds and getting a new/old sort of daily movement program underway. One of my docs wants me to return to swimming (to avoid injuring myself, causing bleeds, starting inflammation). And I see the sense of it. I need to rejoin my old pool, and reestablish my early morning habit. It would be a far easier thing to do in July than in January, let me tell you. I well remember the cold transition from icy parking lot to never-warm-enough showers to never-warm-enough water in January.

But I have just this one body, and this is what it needs. So there it is. Taubes is coming.

Here’s what I’m thinking on this January 1, 2008 for my Skinny Daily friends. Be gentle with yourself this year. Excessive dieting, excessive exercise — these can cause more problems in the long run. I continue to learn about this the hard way, and don’t want you to have to repeat my mistakes.

And you’re in this for the long run, right? Do change your habits to lose weight, because it’s a healthy and wise thing to do, but take pride in changing as slowly as you can so that you know you can sustain your new habits over time. Drama is for the stage, for the screen, but certainly not for a delicate system like your body.

So… I’m not a fan of resolutions, but do like the idea of taking a day like this to assess my life and habits. I need to think about how much and how often I’ve tried to fix my body as fast as I could. How most of my diet efforts have begun with a frenzy of change and rather severe restrictions, goals, and expectations. I have even encouraged that sort of thing here now and then, and regret it.

So these few holiday pounds I’ve found? I’ll worry only if I haven’t dropped them by June.

This will be the year of going slow. As slowly as I can. To gain as much as I can in health and longevity and daily well-being.

That’s what I’ve decided. How about you? Any ideas for today?

20 thoughts on “Happy 2008

  1. Cindy says:

    I am so glad you posted today. I hate to check too often, because I don’t like the disappointment of the same old entry. Yours was my first regular blog that I would read when I started this weight loss journey and I still like to find inspiration here. There are two others that i read with regularity now, and that’s it. You all are wonderful and offer much food for thought (no pun intended). Having an on-line “community” has really helped me along the way. The “real world” for me is full of people who don’t actually get what an obese person goes through when she is changing her life. Having a place with folks who begin to understand has been very important.

    So, blog when you can and know that we are here, waiting to hear what you have to say—not as pressure, but as an incentive to not give up on us. We are waiting to share your journey—and benefit when we can, from the lessons you’ve learned and are willing to share.

    Happy New year. And thank you for all you have posted in the past.

  2. Vickie K says:

    OH, How I wish I could finally learn.. Yesterday was my hundreth or millionth start of a new year and of course, new diet!! monday nite was of course, my “last” pig out!! I honestly think its never going to sink in.. (Im 56 years old and have been on the dieting roller coaster since my mom put me on a diet at age 11!!) I can only try and Im on my way to a spinning class.. If only I really wanted to go, life would be so much easier.. Happy and Healthy 2008! Keep up the posts.. I love them!!!

  3. Cheryl Sims says:

    Great blog and I really appreciate it, but do NOT stress over writing when you are short on time–we will be here whenever you post. Thanks for the words of wisdom. I need to follow them as I have gained back 35 pounds of the 50 that I lost 3 years ago. Will I ever learn?
    Happy New Year.
    Cheryl Sims

  4. autumnseer says:

    Great to hear from you as usual, JuJu! I thought I was getting somewhere working with a doctor last year, but ultimately they wanted to put me on appetite suppressants, sleep medication, and anti depressants. When I rejected the idea they said I would only be chasing my tail if I didn’t do so. That was the last time I went back to them.

    I have finally come to the realization that I need to give up flour and sugar. I have been resisting this for some time, but yesterday was day one and it actually went well. Grains, veggies, a bit of fruit and some protein actually tasted very good. I happened to read an older post where you talked about Dr. Taube’s book and I’ve just requested it from my library. Made me feel good that perhaps I’m on the right track with the no flour/sugar thing. Perhaps for me personally flour/sugar reacts badly within my body.

    This will be the year I transform and get a big chunk of my life back. Food is not worth it any more.

    And I agree that we must take it as slow as we can stand it, not be too extreme, think of the future when it comes to what we do with our bodies. I will be 50 at the end of the year. This is the time of life when the fallout starts happening to all we have done to our bodies growing up. I pray to be kind to myself and put my health first before sinking into comfort food. I need to grow up when it comes to food.

    Great health to all of us in 2008!


  5. Eileen says:

    It’s almost as if you’re reading my mind (and, of course, the minds of many others) in taking it slow, not being obsessive, going back to basics – what works for you. For me, it’s using a lovely new spiral-bound notebook for journaling food and movement. It’s also joining the Discovery Health Challenge – where they have FABulous 10-minute video workouts online – everything from warmup to weights to cardio to cooldown. It’s wonderful for those days when the snow/ice prevent walking safely – even from house to car (smile). I, too, am in the frozen tundra of Michigan! Thanks for your blog – it helps a lot!

  6. Cathy says:

    Thanks for continuing to post the Skinny Daily – you have so much going on in your life, thanks again! Whenever I get an e-mail that there is a post, I instantly read it.

    Good health and happiness to all in 2008!

  7. Carol Ann says:

    Thanks, Juju. I made a year’s chart to post my pedometer numbers. That’s a start. I’ve been wearing it for about 3 months now, and it helps me remember to move more. Thanks, too, for reminding me that I didn’t put on this weight even in one year, so slow is better. Hugs, Carol Ann

  8. jeanne says:

    For me, this New Year’s doesn’t come with a bunch of resolutions; I’ve been quietly, stubbornly doing what I need to do since October. It was then that a combination of nighttime hot flashes, an arbitrarily sore left shoulder, and disconcerting dizziness grabbed me by the front of the shirt and said, “You wanna get it all in gear NOW, please?” M’kay! Out came the slow cooker for my oatmeal, I fished my gym clothes out from the pits of my closet, bought a notebook to keep track of my weight training progress, and set the alarm for 4:00 a.m.

    It was tough to get back into all my good habits at once, but the payoff has been worth it. The hot flashes and dizziness are gone, and my shoulder just wanted to get back to bench presses and lat pulls. All my bits are happy again. As a bonus, I can pull out my knitting in the evening, sit down for a few hours and not feel guilty about it – exercise is done and checked off.

    I need to do some tweaking of portion sizes and figuring out how low-carb I can go and still maintain a cheerful disposition, but all systems are go!

  9. Susie S. says:

    Yes, this is the year. I’m still trying to figure out if the antipipation of putting the forbidden food into my mouth is more satisfing then the actual bite. Happy New Year to All.

  10. vickie says:

    Personally, I can’t imagine trying to keep more than one blog going. I give you credit for trying to keep up with six! Sorry about your cold and of course your blood issues.

    You are so right about the water. I was very attached to one particular brand and their 1 liter size. I now CAN’T GET IT HERE – and although there are other brands with 1 liter sizes and of course plain old containers with 1 liter sizes that can be filled at the tap – losing MY particular one has really put a kink in my water drinking.

    You are also right about the cold, pool, winter thing. I am IN every day of the summer, but have a hard time in the winter no matter how “warm” they say it is. Another blogger got a wet suit for x-mas (for the ocean in the warmer months) and we were tryng to decide if there was such a thing as one made to withstand chlorine that would work for pools too.

  11. Allyson says:

    Gain health… I like it!

  12. Pixi says:

    Where y’at? Y’okay? I’ll check the other blogs before panicking.

  13. Cathleen Wilder says:

    Hi, Juju! I see that knitting has become a focal point of your life. Isn’t it nice when we get to live our lives without weight loss/maintenance dominating the scene?

    Then again, I really miss your excellent writing AND having lost nearly one hundred pounds (one hundred more to go!), I would REALLY like to know more about electrolytes, circulation and other physiological changes that big weight puts the body through. Any thoughts?

    I do hope you are well and happy.

    Thanks, Cathleen

  14. LaceyLombard says:

    Great Blog. Gaining Health, I like it.

  15. susan says:

    Everyone has a life. We understand, don’t beat yourself up. But maybe now you could post just every once in a while?

  16. vickie says:

    I used to check in every day, then once a week, now I am down to about once a month – but I am still checking. . .

  17. Hidayah says:

    Missing your posts….hoping you’re ok.

    1. jujuridl says:

      Thanks so much for checking in. I’m alright. Just busy, busy, busy. Still holding out the hope I’ll get back to this blog one day… 😉

  18. Shirley says:

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    Medical and dry eyes.

  19. Thank you for your time sharing with us all. Have a good new year you, too!

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