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Well, October 6 article in the Washington Post is going to steam a few latte’s. Milk is such a hot nutritional topic. Almost as hot as corn, which is almost as hot as beef, which is almost as hot as sugar. Which burns almost as brightly outside our bodies as it does inside. Causes nearly as much havoc.

Well no it doesn’t.  I gotta calm down. I haven’t had my coffee yet. Or even painted it.

Here. Coffee, with.. reaching past the whole milk, past the half and half… with whipping cream… and coconut oil… whipped up into a nice lather, a couple of drops of stevia to open up the sweetness. I’m not adding a chunk of butter to that today. But that’s because I’m saving calories for the bacon I’m probably going to have with my eggs later…

Right…. What was I? Oh! Ranting! Banting? Yes, but, focus.. Ranting!

Yes, well the article?! I loved the article, but not because it had anything new to say. Actually it did not. But it was brilliantly constructed to LOOK like news, to pique a committee into action. Most of the supporting evidence the piece is knowledge our governing bodies have been sitting on, and some of it for decades, but not acting on. Because we have made it so very hard to act.

Somehow we have put ourselves in awe of a fictional pyramid. We have come to believe that a digital graphic, no matter how ill-conceived, can’t be moved.

It IS quite bottom-heavy, of course, being a PYRAMID. So it takes lots of little people in suits n rooms in Washington to stare at that monolith, over days and weeks of hearings, generating reports several hundred pages thick generating the tiniest of tweaks, moving a nut here, adding an extra kernel to a stalk of wheat there.

That we could delete a cartoon pyramid, because that whole bottom layer describes a nutrient — carbohydrates — that the human animal does not require in their diets? And we know that? Seems not to occur to our hive mind of those be-suited minions scurrying around that imaginary, glutinous base.

That the known equation: [excessive carbohydrates = rampant disease ]  explodes the pyramid that has ruined the lives of people around the world, made them sick, shortened their lives, ruined their hearts and brains doesn’t drive any ethical movement in our own country, is a hate crime in my book. Not only on our children, but we’ve exported this crime around the world.

Can’t we now admit what we know, much less what we have done? That saturated fat is not now nor ever was a threat to our health, but quite the opposite? That cholesterol is not only not usually a threat, but quite protective to our immune systems? We need to tease apart the good from the bad and understand good fats from bad in our diets, particularly the horrible seed oils that replaced all the good saturated fats the minute we demonized them — THOSE giving us ill health?

Is it time to get clear on how much our politics are pushing good foods and farming traditions and seed stocks and animal husbandry practices and skills and out of our cultures around the world? That it’s created a tradition, practice, and tangled up school of bad medicine worldwide?

Right. So. The article, it’s nice to see, was doing a very good job of guiding these suits to maybe, maaaaybe thinking a little farther this time around. It pointing to many of my favorite heroes in the field. And this is good.

What is good news, and I’m SO happy about this, is that, while I’ve been asleep in my bed, I’m waking up to notice that it really has become a lot easier to take your health and your family’s into your own hands.

Great teachers and brilliant guides out there. The science is happening.

Buuuutttt, institutional food will still be governed by the damned cartoon pyramid. As long as it exists. Prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools will get bad food. And you’ll have to dance around that. I’m sorry. Politics and politicians, working hard to find a home for all the crops planted to carbohydrates in this country are making the pyramid happen. So there it’s going to be for awhile.

If you have insulin sensitivity in your family as a thing you have to watch out for, you need to know that can drive all sorts of illnesses from heart disease to neurological disorders to obesity to neuropathies and arthralgias. The list of inflammatory diseases that can be tamed by this diet is long. Look to the hard working folks who have been pushing the rock around the pyramid and up hill for a good while. I’ll be highlighting folks, and interviewing them here as we go along. Here is a short, short list. These folks point to more folks. But here are a few.

Nina Tiecholz, The Big Fat Surprise, Fabulous Book, well researched. The skinny on fat, the science, what went wrong in the history of fat in our diet, immensely readable.

Gary Taubes, Why We Get Fat, this one is for every person in the world to read. His book Good Calories, Bad Calories, every Dr. in the world should have read.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, The Great Cholesterol Con, a must read if you have heart disease risk in your family or love someone who does.

Dr. Eric Westman at Duke, who described the LCHF or Keto diet long ago, and whose work is vindicated over and over again by more and more researchers around the world all the time. Go work with him. I started my understanding here. Good guy. I owe him a huge debt.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg at Indiana University, case in point. She’s doing the research now, and it’s looking good for fat in the diet. Her Ted Talk here is a quick course in obesity-the-disease for people who still don’t understand the insulin-response, because it’s hard to understand that type-II diabetes expresses way earlier than you think it does, and even in skinny people. She’s doing amazing work with the low-carb, high fat diet.

Dr. Tim Noakes at, a book, an online destination, LCHF nirvana. A chef, a diet coach, a counselor, a community. My personal hangout, where I have dropped a third of the weight I put on while I got sick, so far, picked up a bit of a South African accent, and a taste for biltong. I have no financial affiliation with these people, except that I’ve given them very little money in exchange for getting my life and good health back on track. I adore them. Oh, they call it Banting in South Africa. For very good reason. I love them.

Also, Reddit has a killer keto subreddit with lots of very, very deep-brained keto geeks. Very good group, quick with their help.

One thought on “Because you can’t budge a cartoon pyramid. It’s just too heavy.

  1. jujuridl says:

    Okay. I’m so embarrassed. Ha! This is just a sign of how in bed and dead to the world I really have been. Right. The pyramid did explode. We have a plate now. This is good. I will go study the plate. Thank you, alert readers, for letting me know, kindly, so kindly. My rants will try to be a bit more circumspect next time. Try. Can’t promise anything, of course… Guessing there are still lots of nasty things to say in that plate about saturated fats… But still…. Oy….

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