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Whoops Plate. Skinny Daily Post

Oh dear….

Well, alert reader Jill helped me out of this mess. I would be nowhere at all, as usual, without alert readers. You guys have always been the biggest, best part of this community!  I will go, now and pay attention to the fact that this latest admin, did, in fact, move that darned cartoon mountain while I slept in my crate.

And I commit to looking before I bark next time.

But I confess, I have peeked at it. And I note that fats aren’t even one of the cartoon parts on the plate. Even though they ARE one of the three macronutrients the body recognizes and one of only two we absolutely must have, technically, in a pinch. So, as clean, and clear as that plate looks to me, graphically, I’m concerned, even as I head over to to give it a good study.

Please, let not my foolhardy first run straight into a wall reflect ill on the good, great works of the lovely geniuses posted at the bottom of the last post. They are all doing remarkable things, and all deserve to keep working on whatever the next iteration of these recommendations will bring about.

Like putting fat back on the plate.

Our brains and bodies need good fats. Our immune systems need good fats. We simply have to have them. Athletes run better on good fats. Right…. Reading on… Simmering down.. Bubbling away… in… a coconut oil probably, because even olive oil is not good at high temperatures, I have learned…

No links today. I rather you go back to the ones from yesterday. They’re all fabulous… Especially that last one.

Update: I am adding a link. This article. Showing the struggle as it happens…

Same WP writer. In the room, reporting not so much specifically about which recommendations, but about whether we should even continue trying to do this recommendation thing, because, whoa…

2 thoughts on “Big Plate of not Fat…

  1. Marie says:

    Thank you for all the links. I’ve read the Taubes book, and I am now “reading” The Big Fat Surprise, having downloaded the audio version from the library.

    It’s completely convincing, yet I can’t bring myself to start eating meat more than rarely or full-fat dairy. My situation is complicated by my 16-yo vegetarian, near-vegan, son. I spend a lot of time cooking for him. He’s an animal rights person and I’ve learned about the horrible conditions under which animals raised for meat live. And there is the problem of providing the world population with a meat-based diet.

    I’ve learned a lot from, and I rely on her vegan recipes, that both of my sons love. She is very knowledgeable – that’s where I learned not to cook in olive oil.

    I’m so glad you’re back, because you’re so brilliant at sorting out complicated and conflicting information.

    1. jujuridl says:

      I absolutely know what you mean and have much the same difficulties. My sister is a vegetarian Banter… that is she follows this diet, eating healthy fats, (but not heating the olive oil). I buy my meats and dairy from farmers who are farming small and responsibly and locally. But I can, and many can’t afford that. Really good fats, whether they are animal, nut or seed, are expensive now. The cheap oils are bad for us. That’s a big problem. It’s going to take a lot of work and time to undo what we’ve done to our food supply. And it will take patience as well. But meantime, we really can’t ignore the facts, especially where our kids are concerned. We are making ourselves sick for lack of these good fats, and destroying a generations of sharp brains. We can’t afford this.

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