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I rarely feel sorry for myself the way I’m eating these days because I’m not denying myself delicious foods. I’m having fun cooking wonderful meals. I’m eating until I’m completely full. Never hungry, losing weight, and feeling healthy. So what’s to hate.

Except once in a while I miss something. It’s rare, but when I get a hankering, I get it, and then I have to think about what can replace the thing I hanker for.

And I love ginger beer. Like REALLY LOVE IT. I have tried most brands and I tend to go for the hot, hot stuff. The kind that kicks you back and makes your ears burn. The kind you kind of HAVE to mix with alcohol and lime just to tone it down a bit.

When I got serious about my new way of eating, I ransacked the house and deleted all of the sugary, flour-based foods — anything that would tempt ME anyway (husband food still intact, because I’m not MEAN), and found a home for all of the ginger beer, because it was just going to be too hard to have it around.

But I got to mopping the kitchen and out from way under a cabinet came rolling one lonely can of Regatta… Oh…

And it would have killed me to drink it just then. No….

But thankfully I had fresh ginger in the house. Somehow I did. And yes, if you are a longtime reader you know we are already equipped with a Sodastream, a dieter’s VERY good friend. So I can carbonate my own filtered water. And then there’s the stevia. And a bit of lime juice for kick and shelf life…. (I thought about adding a drop of cider vinegar? To give a SENSE of fermentation, not knowing a THING about how ginger beer really is made… Anybody know anything? In the end, I didn’t, or haven’t yet. Because…. SUCCESS!)

And here is what happened. The first batch really worked quite well. QUiTE well.. Thinking because the ginger was very fresh.  So I got hot, hot, HOT, BABY! Something Ginger herself might purr over, little beads of sweat trickling through her sequins? Old or frozen ginger probably wouldn’t work quite so well? Try it or tell me if you’ve done similar, and what you think we could do to tweak this thing…

Recipe in that Image:

Grate a 1-inch knob of peeled ginger on a microplane into a cup and a half of boiling, filtered water. Squeeze in a half a lime. Pour into a clean glass jar. Add 15 drops of Stevia or so, to taste. Sweet, but not too sweet. Let it cool off in the fridge. When you are ready to drink it, half and half with sparkling water. Or use it straight to make a nice buck cocktail.

5 thoughts on “Stevia Sweetened Ginger “Beer” for your Sugar-free Pleasure

  1. Marie says:

    That sounds wonderful! I’ve been thinking of getting a Sodastream because I’m addicted to bubbly water. I often make ginger “tea” by boiling chopped fresh ginger in water. I don’t need to sweeten this. I’ve recently come to love Crabbie’s Ginger Beer – alcoholic, expensive, incredibly delicious. But it is clearly full of sugar, and I’m trying to minimize my intake.

  2. jujuridl says:

    Oh, I’m glad I didn’t learn about Crabbie’s before I quit sugar, or I might not have ever given it up! But do mix your own, and then use it to make your own cocktails. Sugar-free cocktails are much easier on your body. One hard knock on the system at a time, please!

  3. Vickie says:

    I was just thinking about you. And did not realize you had written anything new. (And now the new is over two years ago.)

    I was wondering about Jane. Do you know how she is?

    1. jujuridl says:

      Hi Vickie. Yes, I thought about resurrecting this blog, but got too busy with managing life and health and work. Besides, while I was sick, so many wonderful bloggers have sprouted out there supporting the hard work of maintaining weight loss. I don’t think this one is really necessary any more. I haven’t heard from Jane and don’t know how to reach her. Her old email addresses bounce back. Jane, if you’re out there, hey girl! So, skinnydailypost remains an historic artifact. I hope it’s helpful still. Cheers, and thanks for checking in!

  4. Marie says:

    I check this blog once in a while, hoping for a new post. I hope things are going well, particularly on the health front.

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