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About JuJu

When this blog launched, around 2003, I had lost 100 lbs. and maintained it for quite a while. Writing and research and lots of movement helped me keep weight off for many years. But then life got more complicated, grief piled on stress, my health took a sharp nosedive with undetected bloodborne infections. Bedridden, the weight piled on. But, I was in so much pain, frankly, I did not notice or care. I did not expect to live through it. I hoped not to.

But I did get better.

Getting a toehold on life again has been pretty hard won. It did not come easily, and came, as all good things do, with the help of many wonderful friends and teachers.  I’ve been on a long fight to win back my immune system, a reliable body, a reliable mind, a reliable voice, hands, heart, eyes.

And feet! Don’t forget those feet!

My interests these days cut wider than nutrition and exercise, as the original Skinny Daily Post posts, pre- 2010 did. Post 2015, I will be writing from the vantage point of a 55 year old woman whose life took a hard left turn. One minute pulling a six figure income from a swanky little design firm, the next minute, scraping by, just trying to nurse her embattled organs from one day to the next on a fixed income.

So expect to hear about wonder, mindfulness, gratitude, community, a whole new take on diet that focuses on nutrition for embattled mind and nervous system and gut, starting exercise not from the couch at 50, but from a wasted body at 55. Scary med detox stories, nurse appreciation — lots of that. Hmm.. And art therapy! And whatever comes. Who knows!! I certainly don’t. On the other hand, did I mention the houseboat? There will be manatees surfacing here, most certainly…

10 thoughts on “About Juju

  1. chrissie barclay says:

    Wow. Just thought I’d try your website again this afternoon (I am English but live in Spain) and here you are back again!! Have so missed reading your blog every day – it seems like years instead of months since you last made me laugh, inspired me to carry on and just basically reminded me that I am not alone with this weight thing. I have lost 10 kgs since February, not massive I know but I feel so much more in control. And this despite (or even because of..) nursing my6 husband through lung cancer, and my only son leaving us without a word during the chemotherapy to go and live somewhere else. No forwarding address or telehone number. What is going on there? But still we carry on and still I feel that the fight (and it certainly is a battle) to be the best I can be physically, mentally and emotionally has to go on. That seems to be the whole thing with weight loss, control or maintenance. Just to keep on (bloody mindedly) keeping on no matter how many things are thrown in your way to knock you off course. As you so clearly know it is not easy. So easy to just self medicate with food and some days I have done that. But the next day I have got up and started again to try and heal my body
    which seems to be healing, or at least comforting, my heart and mind. Some things are out of my control so maybe the peace I feel when I stick to my “regime” is because it is something I can control?? Great that you’re back!!

    1. helene says:

      I am so sorry for your troubles. It appears you have an excellent attitude. One day at a time is the way to handle all things. Someone once told me ‘God does not make mistakes’. I do believe that good will eventually come of all the happenings. Good luck

      1. jujuridl says:

        helene, Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you, absolutely!!

    2. jujuridl says:

      Chrissie, what a lot you are facing, my girl. I’m getting a lot of help from a counselor online just now. I love her so much. She asks us to consider our operating systems. I know, funny. But is it love based or fear based, essentially. I think this is brilliant. You seem to be working very well from a love-based operating system. You are chosing every day to love your body and your husband’s, and though your son has made a choice you don’t understand, it’s confusing exactly because you are a love-based organism. So of course it confuses you. I think I’m still working very hard to switch over from fear-based to love-based. I’m working hard at it. Well, I missed you too, for what it’s worth. More soon…

  2. Allyson says:

    Yay you’re back! Is Jane coming too?

    1. jujuridl says:

      Hi Allyson!! I have to find Jane first! If you see her before I do, give her a shout, will you?

  3. Mj says:

    Every now-and-again I would test my googling skills by trying to see what y’all were up to. Imagine my delight to find, quite unbidden but most welcome, the “teaser” e-mail from FeedBlitz this morning (10/9/2015). Glad to see you back where I can see you (read you) more easily.

    1. jujuridl says:

      Hey, MJ!! So glad to see you, too! I hope you stop by often!

  4. Jeanie Krieger says:

    Welcome back. I’ve missed your sensible outlook on life.

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