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Writing to Us

We do read every single bit of correspondence, every note you leave at the site, everything. But we can’t possibly keep up with the email. No way. We do have paying jobs, and this isn’t what we do to bring the money home. Though we may not write back, please know we love getting mail, and we do send warm and hope-filled thoughts your way in response to every bit of it. ‘Swear we do. So, then, if you haven’t been too discouraged, write to us at

What Makes a Guru?

Well, a guru is a guru when we say they are. It’s our site, and that’s the way it works. Yes, you can send us your book for review, and we will very likely read and review it. But a person becomes a guru generally when their work impresses us beyond the norm. That is, no, we don’t look over, review, try every diet and fitness product out there, but will try things we need, and if we think the work, research, message, stuff is great, we will mention it on the site. No guarantees. No permanent links. No links for donations. We brook no complaints.

We never ever recommend any stimulants or specific dietary supplements of any kind, ever. Don’t bother sending them.

We are interested in highly functional workout gear for large women and men, in new exercise techniques, videos, dvds, in good home-gym equipment, in your book about how healthy habits make healthy people, in your advice for helping parents and schools help children avoid obesity, your research on elements of successful weight loss and dieting, in finding good and less expensive sources of whole foods, in cookbooks that focus on whole foods, in great vegetable recipies, in healthy habits for busy people. Books, news releases, and stuff can be sent to:

The Skinny Daily Post
P.O. Box 440
Douglas, MI 49406

Are You a Guru?

However, if you have a story about your own new habits, about changes you’ve made to your life that have helped you achieve greater health, and you believe your story may provide hope for someone else? Write to tell us about it. Share that kind of story in 250 words, and give us permission to share it, and we might just be able to do that. Send your story to

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Greetings, Juju! I am so glad to see you are writing again! (just happened to check in again after a few months). You have the sanest and most literate voice of anyone I’ve read describing their own weight-management journeys. Your take is always well-informed and positive, even in the light of plenty of real challenges.

    Thank you for you blog. Best wishes for your health. And congratulations.

    PS: With the help of an excellent (and patient!) nutritionist, I have lost 80 pounds over the past four years. I started at 375 and am sooooo much healthier now, even at 295!

  2. JuJu: I, too, have not checked your site recently and am very sorry to hear that you have hit these bumps in the road. But the NIH (which happens to be in my “backyard” ) is certainly the place to get cutting edge treatment.

    I’d also like to interview you for a Lean Plate Club column that I’m working on about weight loss/nutrition bloggers.

    Look forward to talking with you.


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