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The “Program”

This is a facetious title, and what editors always want to know. What’s the package, what are we selling, what’s the hook? Juju and the readers/commenters at The Skinny Daily Post offer the very dullest diet and fitness “program” in the world. And maybe the last one anyone would ever need.

We think forming new habits is possible and repeatable and teachable. The Skinny Daily Post helps readers form healthier habits by helping them find ways to live differently, think differently about maintaining their bodies, attending to their health, adopting lifelong body maintenance habits. It’s written for individuals who are ready to make good health a high priority in their lives. It is diet agnostic. It is relentless. It’s personal, strongly advocating the use of a personal journal or body log.

It’s annoyingly repetitive. But that’s part of the magic (no, really).

And we’re determined to make sure it’s always available for free for whomever it could possibly help.

There are eight Skinny Daily Post habits, skills we work on all the time here. They are:

Skill 1: Committing to Change Forever
Skill 2: Writing Things Down
Skill 3: Planning to Fail
Skill 4: Talking to Yourself
Skill 5: Making Time
Skill 6: Moving Daily
Skill 7: Eating Well
Skill 8: Getting Help

The Skinny Daily Post has formed a groovy little community of slow learners and fast sharers. None of us knows as much as all of us. We are accepting of one another’s needs, and we deeply respect that what works for one body, life, region, culture, may not work for another.

The Skinny Daily Post is intended to be shared. And it is. It’s used freely on diet boards, in WeightWatcher meetings, at OA meetings, at bariatric clinic support groups, among friends, within families, all over the world, read in 96 countries. All I ask is that when you use the columns this way, please always attribute the source as

3 thoughts on “The “Program”

  1. Steve Simmons says:

    Who’s “we”?

  2. Sally Rhodes says:

    I’m glad to hear from you again Juju. I’m a lifetime Weight Watchers member, and love to read the skinny daily post.

  3. Hah, this sounds like the truth about losing weight. I like it =)

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